please help patina quicker!

  1. Hi! i was wondering if any of you out there have any suggestions on how to make my neverfull patina quicker. ive put it in the sun but it still doesnt take color that fast. right now its kinda orangy but i would love it if it could be a nice honey brown. :p any suggestions would be great. im not sure if there was something posted like this before. i tried to do a search but i couldnt find any.
  2. I've used saddlesoap to speed the patina process.
  3. I wouldn't put it in the sun too much, I heard that too much direct sunlight could harm the bag. I would suggest you never put it away in the dust cover, but just put it somewhere on a table or desk or something, because it also patinas with artificial light and that's not harmful.
  4. baby oil...:push:
  5. does baby oil really work? lol the face next to your answer kinda worries me :p
  6. Leaving it in your car (though be careful of thefts). I once left my bag in the car and returned to find that my bag had patinaed so quickly from the stuffy heat inside the car. (i was upset though because i like for the vachetta to stay as light as possible.)
  7. well since its becoming winter I dont think the heat inside of your car would do well...althought when I first got my neverfull in the middle of july I wasd wondering why it patinaed so quick and it was because I alwayss left it on the front seat of the car directly in the sun... but dont use baby way i dont think that would be a good idea..what I noticed is if you just run your fingers along it like almost squeezing the leather and stroking will turn a lot quicker if you repeat that process a few times.
  8. Just use it, that will do it!! ;)
  9. why do you want it darker? it will get dark on its own, i am afraid to use my bags w/ patina cuz i like it as white as possible
  10. it works just damp a cloth and go over the vacheeta, the face is because I am giving advice that I would personaly would not use, I would just let it turn naturally and not regret having black vacheeta in the near future...
  11. I find this advice to be very true and probably the best way to do it.
  12. I like the slow progression of the patina. I have had my speedy for one year now and I love how it's turned slightly darker over the year. I wouldn't do anything to rush it.
  13. My daughter wanted her handles really dark on her speedy. She used to go out to eat at fast food restaurants and then rub her hands evenly over the handle. She did get one of the most beautiful patinas I have ever seen but she was really careful to not get dirt mixed in there as well so there was no blackening on the handles. I don't know if I would try it, but she swears by it. :shrugs:
  14. No!!! I wanted to speed up the patina process so I never kept my speedy in the clothbag & used extra lotion on my hand... a couple of months later I regret it b/c now my handles just look dirty :sad:. I loved it at the time, but now I can't find a way to "clean" it. So in short, be careful of what you ask for, you might get it (and everything that follows).
  15. I think baby wipes darken the handles a bit