Please help! Pair of Manolos/Louboutins or a couple pairs of Paige/R&R jeans?


Shoes or jeans?

  1. Manolos/Louboutins

  2. Paige Premium/Rock & Republic jeans

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  1. If you had to pick between one pair of shoes or a couple pairs of jeans, which would you get? I have a lot of clothes and shoes, but not of these brands. I keep going changing my mind and getting shoes and jeans is not an option. Technically, I'm on a purse ban and shouldn't be spending large amounts of money.
  2. well...this is a hard decision! but I say go with the jeans if you don't have a good pair can follow =)
  3. i would definitly get the shoes!
  4. OK, I voted for shoes (if it was my choice for myself) however if you don't have a great pair of designer jeans then DEFINITELY go with the jeans first, then shoes. You will get a lot of use out of jeans... and they're cheaper than the shoes.
  5. shoes shoes shoes...Clothes come and go but shoes are forever.