Please help our animal shelter!

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  1. Many of you know that I am trying to improve the conditions at our animal shelter. We are losing dogs left and right because the shelter cannot afford to vaccinate the dogs. We are losing so many to Parvo, Distemper and Pneumonia. My non-profit has just purchased 500 vaccines (5-Way and Bordetella), but the shelter takes in 600 per month.

    Also the dogs do not have raised beds. Instead they are having to sleep on the cold concrete floors. We are trying to raise enough money (around $4000) to buy the materials to build these beds. We really need everyone and anyone's help.

    If you are interested in donating any amount, we would appreciate it greatly. Here is our website and you can click on the links on how to donate.


    By the way, if anyone is interested in donating an already assembled bed, here is that link. Just click on the link and enter 92404 to locate our rescue group (Helping Every Animal League - HEAL). Thank you so much!
  2. HI Sharon..

    God Bless you for being so compassionate..

    Have you spoken to ALL the vets in the area?? (and I mean as far away as you can travel, even if it's 30, 40 miles away..) ...See if perhaps several can donate vaccinating x amount of dogs a month.... that way not one vet is doing it all...

    I would also speak to the ASPCA and the American Humane Society to see if they can help..

    Also, talk to local businesses about putting out a donation jar.. Of course someone needs to be responsible for those donations, and I would speak to the local law enforcement in the city/town you want to place the jars in, make sure there are no permits you may need...
  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions! I will pass them along at our board meeting this evening!!
  4. Have you posted this to your facebook account, miu? I bet that people would donate. I will visit your site. I'm very much in support of every shelter animal having a bed off the floor!
  5. Good luck with getting the beds and supplies that you need. I am off to look at your site.
  6. As for the raised beds...

    Until you can get the materials to build what you need... I would talk to local businesses about getting the wooden pallets that shipments come in on.... You should be able to just take them.... for nothing... You can perhaps also get any left over cardboard.. and use that on top of the pallets, ...Then, if you have a local thrift store of some kind, get some cheap comforters.. blankets, and put those on top of the pallets and cardboard, for a makeshift, off the concrete floor type of bedding...

    I have a thrift store here, and may be able to get some pretty cheap and send along.. PM me your shelter's address and who I can send to....
  7. Miu2: the website is AMAZING!
    keep up the good work! :hugs:
  8. Hi miu2. I hope you are getting a good response from all the resources. Good luck.
  9. Mrs SR and kiki - thank you soooo much for your donations!! You are both just amazing!! Keep an eye out for my latest threads and please, help spread the word. Thank you!!!
  10. Hi! I'm sorry to have to close this, but we never allow threads like this :sad:
    i.e., individual threads asking for donations. . .

    Please add it to your signature, we'll allow it there and it was be anywhere you post!
Thread Status:
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