Please help - ordered a bag unseen

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  1. Hi there!
    I´m sooo nervous! Why?
    I ordered a vert fonce bag from Theresa/Munich on friday. The problem is, they could not send me a picture of the bag and the SA didn´t know the names of the styles (I want a day with GSH). So from what the lady described I´m not sure if I will get a day or a giant hobo.
    The price is 875 Euros. I read in the style reference thread that a day with GH ist 875 Euros. How much is the giant hobo? If I knew that I could conclude from the price which style it is (and sleep a lot better until it arrives)....:confused1:
    So: any ideas???
  2. I don't know what the retail prices are in euros, but in dollars the list prices for the Giant Day & Giant Hobo are exactly the same ... $1,245. So, no help there!! :cry:

    For future reference: you could have gotten her to read off the serial number on the back of the inner tag ... they're different for each style. (177288 for the hobo, 173082 for the day)
  3. Oh, no!
    But thanks a lot anyway, fiatflux!
  4. I think the Hobo is less expensive in Europe. I think you got the Day though! Keep us posted!
  5. the gh hobo in europe is 875 euro. i don't know the price of the day. sorry!
  6. Fiatflux - thanks again. Silly me - I could have thought of that as well. I just got so excited when she told me that they had a bag in VF with GSH..... Forgot all about my knowledge. If you ask me - if ateliernaff was still around my first thought would have been to check there and I would have thought about serial numbers.... Too late now. But I can return it if I´m not happy with it. Hope that won´t accure, though.
  7. I feel your pain. Hope it works out for you!
  8. Last week I've been to Theresa and they didn't have the day and I'm pretty sure that the day is a bit more expensive (about 1000€). Sounds like you'll get the hobo but I really hope I'm wrong and that you'll get your day.