Please help! Opinions on fluoresence on F 2 carat?

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  1. Hi Ladies! I would really appreciate your take on medium to strong blue fluoresence in an F 2 carat RB diamond. Do you like it? Do you even notice it and when? Does it make your stone look hazy or milky? If you have a picture, that would've great!! I am considering a 2.35 F VS1. I hear that Fluor is nice on a G or lower. Not sure how it would affect D-F. Thank you so much!
  2. I personally love it long time. There are people out there that don't think its pure, but it's naturally like that, so whatever.

    Who graded it? In a properly graded stone, medium to strong won't have much of an affect on the stone, not to the naked eye in most lighting anyway. It's not likely to have a milky/oily/hazy appearance until you get into strong to very strong. In a D it's totally freaking awesome, ethereal. But a D-F is going to just look whiter and brighter overall, IF your eyes notice it at all.
  3. The milky/oily phenomena is VERY rare, and is unlikely to affect even most stones with strong blue fluorescence. In the vast majority of cases, most people never notice the fluorescence in their stone at all, and when they do it is either a very, very pale and pleasing tone in the direct summer sun or only visible under blacklight. Are you able to see the stone you are considering in different lightings? That will really give you the best indication of how the stone will perform and whether you like it or not. Like I said, in most cases, no one will ever know a stone has fluoro unless they put it under blacklight. I rather like stones with blue fluoro myself.
  4. Hi haute mama and ame, I kinda like the blue fluor myself but I thought I was crazy one. These blue Fluor stones are quite a bit cheaper. I can't look at it cause I am getting it online. I am so tempted!
  5. Hi Ame,

    It's GIA. I really appreciate your input cause I know you studied all this stuff. Can I send you more details separately about other stones I am considering?
  6. Sure! I thought you just got a new stone...?

    Stones with flor do take a hit pricewise that really I think is unfair but a lot of dealers (and buyers) think of it as a negative because they're not "pure" enough colorwise.
  7. I did. But honestly the setting is killing my fingers and the size is too small so I have to send it back. In doing so, I am just perusing bluenile to see if there is anything I might like better. Dangerous! Btw, I saw your star129. It is super beautiful.
  8. Thanks!!! I have had several Star129 and I don't know if I could go back to a regular ideal. There are some dud Star129s but mostly they're rad.

    Blue Nile is hard because you cannot see pics of the actual stone, and that's hard to know if it's really a winner or not.
  9. I kept staring at the pics of your stone! Stunning. So you understand my dilemma. I have only limited info and am trying to make the best decision I can. I read about a study done by GIA about Fluor and it showed that people could not detect it and did not make the stone look hazy cause there are very few where that happens. In fact people liked those stones more. I'm trying to decide whether to take a chance. I think it's probably pretty safe since the Gia could even find fluor stones that were hazy for their study.
  10. Mine is F med fluor!!! 2.32, the fluor put it in our budget and it is icy white. Sometimes it looks periwinkle in intense sunlight, sometimes the arrows are skyblue! It's brilliant sparkly white. And it totally glows in black light. At cosmic bowling and on some rides at Disneyworld I've seen it 'light up'. My kids took a black light to all of my jewelry and anything that had diamonds in it had some stones with fluor. I never ever noticed before we looked for it.
  11. In intense sunlight
    IMG_0940.jpg photo.jpg
  12. That is a gorgeous stone.
  13. If you look closely, in the first outside pic above, the third stone from the left in my band is showing fluor also, it's on the other side in the next pic, so the third stone from the right. One more to show how it looks outside when I'm not aiming it at the sun hehe.
  14. Thank you :hugs:
  15. Thanks etk123! You rock!! So does your Rock!! ;). Do you love it?