Please HELP on the CHEVRE leather for a Birkin!!

  1. I went by Hermes at Tysons Corner, VA today and was told the Chevre leather is not available for the Birkin bags in any size?

    The sales rep told me goats dont usually come this big and hes never even seen a Chevre Birkin in 30 or 35 or in any size for that matter but I proceeded to tell him I know other people have had it (from TPF)

    Can someone let me know if Chevre Birkins are custom orders ONLY?

    And what is the difference between the 2-3 different types of Chevre leathers?

    Would people say this is the best leather as in lightweight, has some shape but not super stiff, okay with water drops a little and scratch resistant?

  2. Every single one of the new Chevre Birkins I have seen lately have been 32cm HAC bags. Not sure why a 30cm Birkin wouldn't be able to be made of a goat?

    There has been some discussion around here about Chevre being discontinued, but I am still unclear as to whether that just applies to Chevre de Coromandel, or all goatskin leathers, or if it's permanent or temporary. Wish I could help, but since I don't know the answer I will certainly be checking back to find out as well! (I keep getting different info from Hermes depending on whom I speak with, which is kind of frustrating)

    I personally absolutely love chevre, I do feel that it has all the positive characteristics that you mentioned and more! It also has a little bit of a shine, especially in black, which I find very attractive.

    ps, I've seen some really big goats. I'm just sayin'. LOL
  3. calisnoopy, your SA might just be referring to Chevre Mysore. It most certainly does not refer to Chevre de Coromandel. What you have heard is consistent with the situation in Asia. Chevre Mysore is also NOT offered to Asia as podium orders. Only Special Orders. The only chevre mysore we get is in small leather goods. I hear that because chevre mysore is a hot fave in Europe, the stores there get first dips.
  4. I put in an order for Mysore in a 30cm yesterday in the Toronto store and apparently it is not going to be a problem...:confused1:
    I wonder if Canada is yet another separate market with different restrictions on orders.
  5. hmmm--my SA didnt see any chevres of any kind being available for any size birkin bag...

    they had a chevre (i forget mysore or coromandel) kelly in a 32 vermillion which was gorgeous but i am looking for a birkin in 30 or 35

    has anyone ever seen a chevre leather birkin in blue jean too?

    i seem to see it mostly in the red colors...

    I *think* i may be leaning towards a blue jean 30 or 35 birkin first and then a red (definitely want chevre cos i like the shiny sheen for the red color from the leather sample book i saw at the store) later...

    Which would people prefer for a blue jean 30 or 35 birkin?

    I like scratch resistant, as light as possible, (no epsom) brings out the color of blue jean best and can be ok if rained on a tad...(no blistering problems, etc)
  6. I think Togo would be much easier to find and sounds like it will meet your requirements, honestly. I don't recall seeing a Chevre bag in Blue Jean lately at all--but that certainly doesn't mean they aren't made!

    There's a thread here about the new leathers coming out for spring, and in it there's some info about new chevres. So far, I am not sure if they are replacing Coromandel, replacing Mysore, both, neither, or what!! But the good news is, there *are* going to be goat leathers next year. Now we just have to figure out what's going to be made in what. And then find it.

  7. ^ I agree with CynthiaNYC. I think you might have better luck with a BJ in Togo instead. I'm not sure if they even make BJ in Chevre.
  8. I saw the Turquoise leather sample in CDC and it was absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Chevre de Coromandel and Chevre Mysore are no longer available (CDC as of this podium, Mysore as of Feb podium). There is a new chevre on offer. Birkins have been available in chevre up to 35cm in the past. The new chevre is only being released in Kellys, thus far, and in very limited colours.
  10. Queenie - you're right...chevre has never been available in Blue Jean.
  11. thank you everyone for your input--its much appreciated--so many leathers and color combinations can make things seem crazy sometimes...

    Grands Fords--just curious--so for people who placed special orders recently in the past couple weeks for chevre mysore or coromandel birkins...does that mean they are only for special orders or will these get canceled do you think?

    Is it the same for canada as in US or other regions or are other leathers/colors available in other countries and not in the US, vice versa
  12. Chevre doesn't scratch as easily as other leathers.....but it dents! I've noticed a couple on my 40cm Birkin. Just got an Azap in Chevre Mysore not too long ago. And the poor baby's been taking a beating.

    The sheen IS very nice. And it gives the colours a metallic appeal to itif you're into that sorta look). Water can sit in the grain and cause problems. I would not consider any leather to be water-resistant. All my orders for chevre bags have received similar rejections.

    One last tidbit....chevre is NOT easy to restore at the spa. I've been forewarned by the staff at the store I visit.
  13. Wow, I didn't know this. Thanks for the info, GF!
  14. I had great spa luck with my chevre birkin. The corners that were so scuffed were re-dyed and the bag came out looking nearly new!!