please help on my next lv purchase

  1. hi!!! just want to take a poll on what lv to buy next....

    i already have a poppincourt haut and a damier papillon 26....

    coming soon is damier navona (so i already have a party bag)...

    i have 3 if you guys could please help me out....

    1. wallet - don't have one yet (lv that is)

    2. monogram speedy - don't have a mono handheld bag yet..and since it's a classic...

    3. read pm - though its open on top...i love the colors...thinking of getting the noisette or the framboise....don't have a stand out bag yet ;)

    please help me narrow down my choices...thanks in advance :yes:
  2. Tough choices.....mmmm maybe a LV wallet first then the Vernis Reade pm (get it before the colour discontinued) and after that Speedy.;)
  3. I would get an LV wallet next :yes:
  4. that's what i was thinking too....what's keeping me from buying a wallet is that with the price of a wallet...let's say a koala...i can buy a bag already :yes: *sigh* tough one huh?? :sweatdrop:

    i wanted a reade because of the color....but i just read that the straps are too small and it's too open :sad:

    mono speedy 25...because i always take a second look at ladies who have that bag....i see them in malls wearing just a plain shirt and shorts with a speedy and they look so cute....:yes:
  5. I would recommend getting a wallet first (since you don't have one yet). There's a LV wallet called the "Monogram Canvas Wallet With Coin Pocket" and it costs around $410 (which is $150 less than the Koala Wallet). Or, you might want to consider the smaller LV wallets (which cost less as well).
    Good luck with your decision! :idea:
  6. i'd say.....go for the speedy! you'll love it.....but what the heck......get the wallet too. i don't think i was able to help you out. regardless of what you purchase,i'm pretty sure you'll end up smiling and feeling happy. (applause.....applause......applause)
  7. Get a wallet! You won't regret it!:smile:
  8. Speedy!!
  9. Mono Speedy. I'm in love with mine and have barely used any other bag since I got it. :flowers:
  10. It took me a long time go get a wallet, because I was put off by the price as well. For the amount of a wallet, you could buy a purse!! So what I ended up doing was getting a 2nd hand wallet. I would get the Reade PM first.. and decide about the wallet later.
  11. your replies really made me smile....i too can't really decide on what to get next....if only we all have plenty of money to spare to buy all the lv's we want ;)

    i've narrowed down my choices to two...the speedy 25 and a wallet (don't know which one to get) ..... so maybe you could help me now choose a wallet that is not bulky and heavy but have room for credit cars and bills and some coins...:yes:

    thanks! ;)

    please help me decide because im buying tomorrow yipee!!! :wlae:
  12. get a speedy in mono or damier. it's such a classic and will last you a life time:yes:
  13. I'd go with the speedy
  14. Speedy :heart::heart: You wont regret it.