Please help on colour of first Chanel jacket.

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which color will you go for?

Poll closed Today at 1:30 PM.
  1. Black

  2. White

  1. Hi Ladies, I am about to purchase my first jacket, but am undecided on the colour.
    I'm not sure if black looks 'too black' and serious, as my style is usually very casual.
    On the other hand, I'm worried that I'll spill food/drinks on the white and get all stressed up that I'll minimize wearing it (do you feel the white may look casual to wear for a formal sitdown dinner?).
    Please help me? Thank you :heart::flowers:
  2. I totally prefer the black!
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  3. I voted for the white. I like the pattern and it'll hide some spills.
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  4. I voted white, the pattern can be seen much better.
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  5. I prefer the white but do agree with everyone else that the black is a better option both for stains and being able to wear it for many years to come.
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  6. Thank you to all your replies and insight. I'm much grateful.
    Sad to say, seller couldn't hold and have sold both jackets :crybaby:
  7. Hi! I'm late to the game, but my two cents for the future...of the two, I prefer the black.
    But if I could chose from any Chanel jacket, I would not select either of these. I do not like the black vertical piping in the front, and it will certainly look dated after a year or two. I would get a Chanel jacket where the focus is more on the mixture of the tweed, and if you like trim on the edge, I would get it more a tweed trim that is more classic Chanel. I would not get black piping which is very harsh and a bit cheap looking to me.

    That's my two cents of course, and I realize everyone has different taste. I just wanted to share with you my perspective as Chanel jackets should last many years, not just a season or two due to the style.

    Good luck on your future jacket purchase!
  8. White. The tweed shows more prominently in the white. And with a pair of denim, you're ready to rock.

    That black looks too sombre.
  9. Love the white! It’s all about tweed For a Chanel jacket and the tweed shown on the white has more contrast to it.
  10. Get both

  11. Haha I know who this is from. Get the white. I was eyeing it too. But it's a size or 2 too big for me.