Please help on cleaning LV hardware

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  1. Hi..everybody,

    I'm quite new for the bag treatment, and after I read many threads about how to take care of their beloved bag.. it made me realize that I need some help.

    I've many LV that I havn't use for a while, and when I want to use them I found out that the zip has some kinds of scratchs and look so dirty. My yellow epi soufflot's zip is so unbearable because it turns greenish-blackish color. :crybaby:

    Could anyone tell me how to clean it without leaving marks or stains on the zip cloth (the cloth that attached to the zip - -I don't know what it's called)? :s And can I use baby-wipe to clean the zip cloth if it's dirty?

    Thank you in advance
  2. i use qtip and a teeny bit of toothpaste---rub it onto the hardware. it works like a charm on my old blue epi. went from brown/greenish to gold.
  3. I think that you should call an LV store....just today, the SA was mentioning something about a product they use on the hardware to keep it looking good...unfortunatley...I was so preoccupied that I cant remember....:shame:
  4. Some members have used Brasso or jewelry cleaner wipes and it worked fine for them. Just try not to get on the cloth on the zipper.
  5. I've have been using Sunshine Polishing Cloth on my hardware and it's great. When using it though, just make sure you wipe off the hardware with another cloth because the Sunshine cloth leaves a film.
  6. I just used Brasso to clean my locks and they look like new. I am going to use a Q-Tip and clean the rest. We'll see how it goes!
  7. Try just using a jewlery polishing cloth first, so you don't have to worry about getting a liquid/cream on the bag.
  8. Thanks you gals :flowers: