please help on Azur Saleya purchasing

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  1. Hello all,

    I need your help please.:yes:

    We went to LV store last weekend just passed. I saw the azur saleya pm, and liked it very much. My daughter also loved it.

    Thought to get for her this Christmas, I asked her: it is okay for me to have one and you have one? she responded, no mom, it's kind of weird if we have the same. We can share.
    I laughed out loud, once into her hand I wouldn't want to have it back because she's very careless on expensive stuffs unlike me:rolleyes:.

    The more I look, the more I want it. My husband told me to get two for both of us.
    she is 5'7'', should I get her the mm and myself a pm one? :rolleyes:
  2. Depends how much she carries. I have the PM and my daughter is 5'7" and she looks cute carring the PM - but the MM would look equally good as she has the height to carry off the bigger bag - it just would look more tote-ish, casual. The PM is great even as a going out bag - not sure that the MM could work in that scenario.
  3. Well if you guys can, then get both in whatever sizes you guys best wish to have. However, I must agree with you daughter that it is very awkward when both the mother and daughter wear the same thing (or at least *I* think so with my mom and I.... and last time she copied my haircut... lol) So if you guys both get one, just don't wear them out together at the same time. Then again, if the 2 bags are different sizes one could argue that they're not *exactly* the same since the MM does not have the pocket...
  4. Is there any chance one of you would like it in the damier ebene? Then it wouldn't look like your trying to be the doublemint twins or something ... lol!
  5. I appreciated for all your responding.


    I do have the damier ebone already.
  6. I have the same thought as yours.
    feel guilty if order her the mm even she told me that she may like the mm better because her habit of carrying stuffs.

    although, I dislike that she is too much in casual dressing. So, the pm should be good for her as my purpose.

    what a waste if we have the same bags....but....oh no... I don't know what else would make me and her equally happy beside this azur saleya pm :rolleyes:.
  7. All three of my daughters and I have the monogram speedy 25. We even carry them together. Two daughters and I each have the BH. Three of us have the porte tresor international wallet. Two of us have Damier Speedies. I see nothing wrong with liking or having the same bag. I say go for it! You can always decide not to carry them on the same day if you are out together. I don't think it would be right for a daughter to imply she should have it and you shouldn't, especially if you are paying. I guess I'm being a hard-nosed mom (and I buy my daughters LV all the time), but my response would probably be to buy it for myself and let my daughter go without if she said that. Anyway, we all love our bags and have gone shopping into the LV store all carrying our speedy - which the SAs got kind of a charge out of.

    Buy yourself the one you like the best. Don't get a different size to please your daughter - you won't be as happy with it. You sound like a wonderful mom - treat yourself too and feel good about it!
  8. I would suggest one gets the PM and the other gets the MM. And both should be in different colors (Azur and Ebony).
  9. Yes, go for different sizes and colors!
  10. I do appreciated for your kindness thoughtful.

    When was at her age I did not have what I wanted.

    Born in a 10 brothers and sisters family, had known very well that I must keep the wish list at the bottom of my heart until I be able to work and self get. There so, I try to give my children everything they want unconditionally. They do not have to earn what they want. Sometimes even those are unreasonable I still give. I know it is no good support, but if I don't then I feel guilty.
    only 2 children, a boy and a girl, hence, I force myself to give them the best of life if could.

    I think I will get 2 as you're encouraged me.

    Thanks again for that.
  11. Togogirl and Princess,

    I have the damier canavas in pm size already.

    Much appreciate for posting.
  12. I would go for variety, vary the sizes you purchase that way each one of your has something special.
  13. I'm so GLAD you're going to treat yourself too! You're a wonderful mom!
  14. I say get her the MM and get yourself the PM or the other way around.
  15. I think it all depends on the mother and daughter, and since your daughter already said that she would mind I wouldnt recommend it.
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