Please Help: Number on blindstamp

  1. I have been searching for info on this and I believe the guru I need to talk to is Hermesgroupie?

    My Kelly has a 2 in a circle and it is vintage but I'd like to pin down when it was made. I found a post from Hermesgroupie back in June of this year that mentions this - any further info? I posted a similar question a few minutes ago in the Reference thread before I found the other post.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. Jen....can you post a pic of the blindstamp? That would help because it's probably not a number but maybe it's the letter "Z"? If it's a Z in a circle then your bag would be from 1996.
  3. Ok - here goes:
    blindstamp.jpg blind2.jpg
  4. Definitely Z, i.e. 1996!
  5. Really? Are the Z's rounded on top like a 2? Thanks for looking.
  6. Jen......I don't think there were any numbers used as a datestamp. Only letters. LOVE that bag of's a beauty!!!!
  7. Thanks Shopmom and Hello!

    Hermesgroupie has written in the past that numbers have been used on some bags, which is why I'm so freaked out by this! Are you here, Hermesgroupie? :flowers:
  8. Duna helped me in May with my Kelly marked "C" without any square or circle around it.

    She said:
    "I've checked in the sticky "Informative catalog" and in post #86( I think) it says that from 1945 to 1970 there were letters without geometric symbols, then from 1970 to 1996 letters in a circle, and from 1997 onward letters in a square."
  9. Yep, still here. Before 1945 is a mystery to me, I've gotten conflicting info on this. I'm starting to think that the numbers used before 1945 are just craftsmen's IDs and no datestamp may have been used.
  10. HG.....I believe you are right. I know the lettering system from the early 70's through now but before then I'm a little lost. I thought the Kelly was from the 50's though and not earlier?
  11. Hi Shopmom,

    I just today did the alphabet backwards and ended up at 1945 for the first letter without a geometric symbol and had the same question as you. My answer is that they made bags prior to the 1950s and those had to be identified as well somehow.
    MAYBE....... just maybe the lettering system has something to do with the end of the second World War?
  12. Wow! This is really interesting! I'll bet you're right about the end of WW2....makes total sense to me!

    But what if you have an old bag without letters....what if you have just numbers???? My Croc only has numbers.....1 and 8. Nothing in a square, nothing in a circle, no nothing.
  13. The bag we know as the Kelly was dubbed in 1956, it's been around since the 1930's but was known as the petite sac haut a courreois. Like I stated above, the numbers may just be craftsmen's IDs and no datestamp used.
  14. My guess would be that it was made pre 1945?
    Wow. Just to think of what that baby has been through (thinking of bomb raids, etc....) and still looks as if she was born yesterday!
  15. can't be that old can it? .....maybe the "8" is really a letter and I just can't make it out.....I'll give it another go. Maybe use a magnifying glass.....

    wow....I'll be blown away if this thing is that old.........