Please help, newbie to Balenciaga, need to know what color Christina's bag is...

  1. I usually an LV or Chanel girl. But I took a liking to Christina Aguilera's lighter color B bag. I looks like pinkish or grayish white. What is the actual color called? The one she is wearing many pictures under celebs with b bag file.
  2. Do you mean the one she's wearing with the red sweater? At least I think the sweater's red - maybe its the skirt.

    Anyway, if that's the one you mean, its greige.

    Unless you mean the light pink bag, which is pale rose. I'm no help at all, am I? D'oh!
  3. She has a red and light one that she always carries. It's the lighter one.
  4. ^^ I can't see a pic, but do you mean the light pink color bbag she carries? That one is a Pale Rose pink bag from the pre-spring '06 collection in the Purse style. She's also been carrying an '06 Greige City lately (the grey one)... HTH Kittens!