Please help- newbie here!

  1. Hello! so i just decided yesterday that i absolutely need to get a Bbag, they are just soo gorgeous and scrumptious! I am having difficulty, however, telling the difference between the bags and getting the names straight.

    Can some please tell me the styles of Nicole Richie's bags, specifically the bottom left three and the apple green on the bottom right as well as the Rouge VIF? TIA :flowers:
  2. Hi, bottom left 3 : 1st one is white city medium, 2nd one is marigold yellow first (small), white first. The apple green is in city medium too. Next to apple green is 05 turquoise work. As for the rouge, if i'm not wrong could be true red in city medium too.....cheers
  3. It's hard to be 100% sure of colour as everyone's monitors vary...From my view the bottom left three (from L to R) are: Calcaire City, Marigold First (this one is fake), White / Pearl First...Yes, the bottom right is an Apple Green City. I can see her stunning Indigo First in there too. The reds are a little difficult to pin point but this does look to be a Rouge Vif City, but the hardware looks to be too silver for some reason. Could it be another fake??? Next to the Apple Green City is a Turquoise Work (totally TDF). 2nd in at the top is a Magenta City and last at the top looks to be an Ice Blue City on my monitor...too many to mention!!!
  4. Wow, ladies, you all are soo amazing! thank you very much! first, I need to learn all the styles; there are soo many colors too!

    Are there different sizes for the "city"?
  5. FYI, balenciaga came out new style for Giant Hardware.....too get more info abt bbag, u can read more details from ateliernaff....:smile:
  6. I'm rather torn between the city and the first. Any advice on which you prefer? I'm about 5' 4 and about 115 pounds. is there a better size perhaps? I hate my indecisiveness!
  7. City is much bigger than the First.
  8. Depends on individual, i'm satisifed with my first size (which it includes my long wallet, two coin purses and one cosmetic pouch) and i used it for everyday whether to work or out with frnds (shopping, movies, clubbing, etc). However, it's never endin, when i thought i like the first size (it's still is), i tends to go for other styles now such as city, work, twiggy or even weekender....the reason why is becoz i hope to own all kind of styles if possible but in different colors.....There are some pfers prefer work style as they can place their small notebook, documents, magazines and some stuffs in there for work. And weekender for travel use, esp short vacation. Hope this helps.