please help, new to dooney bags!!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am planning to buy a Florentine/Dillen Vaccheta Satchel but not sure which color should I get....I am thinking of Taupe/Salmon/Strawberry!! Are these colors will get "patina"?? If so, any pictures to show??

    Thank you guys. :smile:
  2. Hi. Florentine is vaccheta leather- thicker, smoother, and will get a patina over time. All the colors you mentioned are goregous in florentine.

    Dillen is a pebbled leather, suited for every type of weather without any extra protection, a little lighter and thinner.

    You will find a thread named Florentine vaccheta satchel and it has lots of different pictures- new and bags with patina. In my threads you will find taupe and salmon. I know somebody did a reveal on strawberry.

    If you cant search the forum, just put in google search salmon/taupe/strawberry florentine satchel purseforum and the pictures will come up. Thats how I did my research prior to purchase :smile:

    You will love these bags :smile:
  3. THank you for the info. :smile:
  4. hi , I am new here! and I just got my first Dooney! the small dooney satchel in dillen leather ..I LOVE IT!!!!!! its a beautiful bag and you will love it too!! Dillen or Florentine they are both beautiful.

  5. Welcome! Congrats on your first Dooney. We love pictures :smile:
  6. Thank you! I will post some pics soon..
  7. Pictures, pictures :smile:
  8. Sorry questions again!

    I wonder is the light leather color easy to get color transfer?

    Dillen leather wouldn't get patina at all?

    Thanks for your help! :smile:
  9. No, I dont think Dillen would get patina, because of the way it has been finished. If Im wrong, the more knowledgeable ladies here will correct me :smile:

    I remember reading that you can get color from dark jeans on your bags, sometimes even from the dust bag on the bag itself. ( I switched mine to white cotton bags)

    Im sure sombody else can fill this in, cause so far I havent had these issues.