Please help, need votes...Metallic Symbolls Pochette 2010 collection

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  1. Hi all,
    I need opinions...
    Should I keep the Metallic symbolls pochette in the red patent (2010 collection)? The red patent color is TDF, but I am not sure if this is a nice bag to have. I think it kind of reminds me of the LV vernis bags.
    Sorry for the bad quality photos (no flash on iphone). :-P

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  2. it does have the vernis feel...

    if you don't really have any use for it, i say return. and frankly, sounds like you don't that luv it either...

    honestly, i'm not liking the scattered embossed designs. maybe just not in a bag... perhaps exchange for a chevron woc?
  3. Ita re looking like Vernis. Too much so Maybe there's something you find that looks more like chanel?! A nice woc or e-w if not jumbo flap if you don't have,even yummy colorful chevro... Good luck!
  4. I thought of LV when I first saw it. For me, I would return it and find something else.
  5. Honestly, vernis is not really for me. I have a LV vernis bag and it's sitting in the closet for ages now.

    So if you're not in love with it, I'd return it for something you love :smile:.
  6. not for me
  7. Did they re-launch this line again? The original version of this came out in 07 or 08.
  8. If you aren't in love with it and don't have a use for it I say return.
  9. Yup, they relaunched it. I say return and get a WOC or something!
  10. I don't really LOVE it.. I think there are other more gorgeous bags you can spend on IMO :smile:
  11. Thank you all for your votes. :biggrin:
    I will return it since I find myself not liking it that much. It does look more like a LV to me than a Chanel. :-P
    Anyone knows where I can find a red patent Chervon WOC?
  12. haha, thought it was just me! I thought it was a LV when I first saw it! I agree with the other ladies - if you are getting a chanel, I think it should be something that at least evokes the chanel look and feel.
  13. I have this bag and love it. It's larger than the woc and gives you more options than woc you can wear it on the shoulder or as a wristlet or just as a clutch. If this is your first chanel and you need everyone to know that its chanel than this is not the bag for you. If you have other chanels you don't need them to all look the same.
  14. I agree with others that this bag looks too similar to LV vernis... and i think lv looks better becuz the patterns are simpler whereas the chanel is a little too detailed and you can't really tell what the patterns are unless u look closely. You should probably exchange it with something else.
  15. I think it is a cute purse, however, I do agree that it seems very vernis-like. If you love it, then keep it, if you don't, then exchange for something that you truly love! :smile:

    Just wondering, how much does the bag retail for? It looks like something that my friend would love.