PLEASE HELP...Need to find jeans to fit me!!

  1. What jeans would fit me? I'm just about ready to give up on looking for the perfect pair:sad: . Not only am I short (5 ft) but I also am short-waisted and cursed with an Asian butt. Everytime I try on jeans it's either the butt area sags OR the pockets are placed too low it looks ridiculous:crybaby: :hysteric: . Which brand jeans have small pockets (maybe that will help)? I'm so close to emailing Oprah to ask for a miracle because I think my case is really a challenge for her experts:upsidedown: . Thanks!

  2. Try Paige Premium Denim in the Lauren Canyon style. It's low-rise, so that will help with the saggy butt issue, and the pockets are small and plain (no funky stitching or anything), so it won't draw attention to your butt. They're also bootcut, so you can have them altered to any inseam without it looking bad.

    I'm wearing mine today in the Light Destruction wash and I love 'em ;)
  3. express jeans! :nuts:
  4. I second Paige!

    Great jeans, makes me look like I have something back there ;)

  5. where are you? apc sounds like they would be terrific for you (they have a variety of styles, but they all really mold to your body so that you get a personalized end result - no saggy butt!). but don't order any jeans on line - must try on!
    (they have more styles in the nyc boutique)
  6. Thank you for your responses:smile: ! I will go to Neimans to try on Paige:yes: . Where can I find Express jeans?

    HiHeels, I clicked on the link for apc jeans and there are no stores that carry them:sad: (I live in Honolulu). Thanks anyway:yes: !

  7. Neimans carries a brand called James Cured by Seun and they are fantastic!
    I have a really short waist an a flat arse and these were called the 'toukis' jeans by the SA there. . . and she was right!
    They fit fantastic!
  8. You can find express jeans at the express store. What size are you? If you are a size 24 or 25, i suggest true religion joey jeans in the kids sizes. (flap pockets can work miracles!)