Please help !!! Need SKU# for Medium Sukey Chocolate Guccisima.

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  1. I just learned that none of the Saks stores here in Dallas carry Gucci handbags. However, they're happy to order the bag if I can provide them with a SKU#. Since, the SA at the GUCCI store says the bag that I want doesn't even exist, she's no help. Apparently, this item is carried at Saks stores.
    I know that a few of you ladies have this exact same bag. If you could provide me with the SKU I would be so grateful!
  2. Thanks for everyone's help! I found the medium tote at Saks in St. Louis. The SA (Melissa) was very helpful in locating it and even told me that if I make the purchase on Wednesday, I'll also receive a $250 Saks gift card. She was far more knowledgeable than the GUCCI SA. The bag was $1295 and shipping to Dallas is free!

    So, anyone else who is interested in the Sukey Medium Tote in Dark Chocolate, you can get a free $250 gift card, free ground shipping, and 10% off (if you open a Saks account). Yay!!!
  3. Oooh thats tempting.. please post pics and modeling pics when you get it, I really want to see how the medium looks on someone else, cause I really think the large would be too big for me. How tall are you pookie_monster?
  4. :yes: Sure, I'll take some pics as soon as it arrives! I'm 5'5" tall. The medium is more like a handbag, though, and is not large enough to wear on my shoulder.
  5. Thanks! I'm only 5'2" so I think the medium would be the best bet for me, can't wait to see it on you!
  6. i would love to see it on you. i'm still deciding if i wanna hold out for the chocolate guccissima pelham or the medium sukey.
  7. Does the free gift card apply to Gucci purchases? On the website it stated that certain designer brands are excluded. I would love to find out if any Saks has the large Sukey in black or brown guccisima leather or the off-white monogram. Can't wait to see your bag.