Please help--need prices in all sizes of metallic reissues

  1. I am working w/ an SA who tells me that he has one that is $2695 and I'm confused.

    I thought everyone was paying $2495 for their 227 size? But the one he has is more:confused1:

    i want to make sure he has the correct bag. Perhaps it is the 228 that he has but I'm not sure and neither is he

    Anyone have the price of what the 227 and 228 metallic are? Also style numbers for these bags would really help/

    Everyone has posed pics in the reference section but no one has put the style number

    thanks :heart:
  2. Maybe he has the hybrid and is thinking it is a reissue? The hybrid (jumbo) is $2695.

    Ask him to measure the bag. My metallic black 227 measures 12" W x 8"H x 2.5"D. If his bag measures the same he probably has the hybrid.

    Only reissue prices I know are 226 ($2350) and 227 ($2495).
  3. I thought the same thing too but he says its is black w/ a metallic finish to it ans vintage looking.

    Sounds like a 2.55 reissue to me and he thought it was too. The prices are just confusing
  4. Style # for black metallic 227 reissue:
    My bag was purchased at a Chanel boutique.
    BTW, the hybrid does have a distressed shine to it and is very vintage looking.
    Did you ask him if his bag has the mademoiselle chain? The reissue has it, the hybrid does not - it has the new/tarnished chain, either with or without leather.

  5. Aww crap. I bet thats it. Oh well. I'll call him tomorrow.

    Thanks for the style number---wish i had it earlier. When the reference section first started everyone used to put the style number and price......we've all seem to have forgotten that now. Everyone is just showing off thier pics:p