PLEASE HELP....need opinion on speedy 35

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  1. I want a color one to make it "pop". You girls are so good on giving your opinions here...
  2. I think the bag is busy enough on its own.
  3. Watercolor already POPS! I think adding a scarf would be too much.
  4. First, grats on your new WC! I agree with Bag Fetish in the sense that the bag is interesting enough on it's own so you don't need to put a bandeau on it at all really, but if you really want to then I would suggest something pink, like the pink travel or the pink papillon. It'll definitely pop against the brown but it won't be too out of place against the bag.
  5. I think the Brown WC already has plenty of "pop" ~ JMHO!
  6. Agreed ^
    But if you really want a Bandeau, I'd say the Splash Bandeau!
  7. instead of a bandeau .......maybe a charm ( although they are about double the price of the bandeaus) or a heart coin purse?
  8. ita!
  9. the brown WC ssemed to be in a league of its own, imo.. if you put anything on it, nothing is going to stand out too fact, i agree with the other posters in here that it might look too busy with bandeaus/or even charms..