Please help! Need help from an Italian Member!

  1. I'm so sad. My uncle died.

    My family lives in Laghetti di egna , near Bolzano in northern Italy.

    He was my father's brother. My father has passed on as well, and have trouble w/ language barrier!

    Need help finding and translating the obitiuary in local newspaper there.

    Can someone from Italy help me?!!
  2. Im so sorry for your loss.. My condolences.. i hope someone here can help you with the translation since i dont know Italian.
  3. my bf is italian if knowbody has managed to translate it before he gets in I'll get him to do it for you I only understand a few words and don't really know how to put into context

    I'm sorry for your loss
  4. I'm really sorry for your loss. I'm a bit rusty on my Italian here, so hopefully Label Addict's BF can correct it later on.

    On the very top, the quote says: "The love that has united you will remain forever"


    The Lord has called our dear Diego Mattuzzi, 86 years old. Remembered with infinite love by his wife Yvonne, his son/daughter (I don't know if there's a word to designate both, figli is like children, but given your uncle's age they may not be kids anymore I suppose) Ivano and Manuela, Dino and Marika, his brother/sister in law Bruno and Bruna, Monica; and all of his nephews, family and friends.

    The mass will take place on Monday June 18th 2007 at 17.00 at the Church of Laghetii. We will then accompany him to burial.
    A particular thank you to all the medical and nurse staff at the transfusion center from the Tappeiner di Merano Hospital for the loving care provided.

    The rosary will take place on Sunday June 17th 2007 at 20.00 and Monday June 18th 2007 at 16.30 at the parrochial Church.

    And I can't find a way to translate the very last sentence correctly. I hope this helps a bit at least. A big hug to you and your family.
  5. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You don't know how much this means!!
    So greatly appreciated for taking the time for these posts.

    My uncle was 68.

    I was planning a trip in August to see my family just this week!

    So sad!
  6. Ok here we go pretty much the same as Missmustard translated pretty literally:-

    The love that has joined us will remain forever
    The lord has called our Diego mattuzzi of 68 years of age
    with infinate love he is remember by his wife Yvonne, his children Ivano and Manuela, Dino and Marika brother in law Bruno and Bruna, Monica, his nephews and all his friends

    His eulogy will take place on Monday the 18th June 2007 at 5 o clock in the Chiesa Parrocchiale di Laghetti.
    We will then accompany him to his resting place

    One particular mention of thanks to all the staff and nurses in the transfusion wards and medicine at the hospital Tappeiner di Merano for their loving nursing given by them

    the rosary will be recited sunday 17th June 2007 at 8pm and monday 18th June 2007 4:30pm in the Chiesa parrocchiale

    the last line in the block letters BF says it doesn't translate into english and only really has meaning in Italian but it generally says "serves equally as a direct invite and thanks for his life." we think this is refering to the this advertisment sorry I know that's not really the right word.

    My Bf says that if you want to send a message to your family he will be more happy to translate it into italian for you to copy out and also if you need any advice on accepted Italian funeral customs just ask
  7. So sorry to hear of your uncle's passing, Gina--hope you and your family find the strength to make it through this difficult time--my prayers are with you & yours. Pam
  8. sorry for your loss. I'm glad the members here were able to translate for you.
  9. This is great. THanks so much everyone.
    I so appreciate it!