Please help!! Need gift ideas for an 8 year old girl!!

  1. I really need your help!! Does anyone know what is popular right now with girls who are approximately 7-8 years old? I need to purchase a gift for my 8 year old cousin and I am completely stumped. I don't see her very often so I have no idea what she likes and no one else in my family really know what to get for her either. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  2. My daughter is 7 and loves anything related to Hannah Montana or High School Musical. You can find any of these things in the Disney Store or Target/ Walmart. In fact the Disney Store makes a cute hobo style purse (modeled after Hannah Montana) that I bought for my daughter. Hope this helps.
  3. a diary with some really cool pens.
  4. Here's a few:
    Webkins - most Hallmarks or gift shops
    Purse Pals - Target
    diary & pen
    glittery lip blam and lotions
  5. I agree. From me, my 8 yo great niece is getting Hannah Montana books as she loves "chapter" books and as she has newly pierced ears, she is getting jewellery.
  6. easy bake oven?
  7. At that age I liked Barbies and porcelain dolls, American Girl dolls and books, ANYTHING ballet related, Sanrio stationary, makeup and toiletries of any kind...

    My other suggestions are:
    an outfit and accessories from Limited Too
    Preteen chapter books-- Meg Cabot has a new kids book that looks cute
    A pretty necklace

    I also agree with the Hannah Montana/ High School Musical suggestion!
  8. I have an 8 year old. The hottest things in her life are anything Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Webkinz or "Fur Real" pets.
  9. My 7 year old niece is getting a MP3 player from me. I had my sister ( her Mom) put all her favorite songs on it so she will be able to listen to it right away. Also anything Hannah Montana. Most little girls LOVE her.
  10. Thank you all so much for your suggestions!! I feel much more prepared to shop for her now!!
  11. What is she into, does she like dolls? My daughter never did like any dolls, only animals. So I would say webkinz, Ninentendo DS (or games). Games like monopoly, books, or one of those techno pets?
  12. Yup. Bang on. BIG honkin' vote for Hannah...CDs, DVD (season 1 is out on DVD, I THINK). HSM or DVD (released last week). YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG!!!!!

    Also...another DVD idea...Hairspray is also HUGE with that age and up!!

    Good luck!