Please Help! need every style's serial numbers

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  1. taking cue from cracker and asking everyone to pitch in on the serial numbers for our future references library:

    here is what i got so far but it is so far from being complete. please correct any errors i have made and add on your own. thanks everyone!

    make-up clutch 110481 (213048) leather tag
    first 103208 (213048) silver tag
    city 115748 (3444, 496398) silver tag
    part-time 168028 (213048) leather tag
    work 132110 (1669) leather tag
    twiggy 128523 (3444) leather tag
    weekender 110506 (213048) silver tag
    purse 128522 (213048) leather tag
    day 140442 (213048) leather tag
    flat messenger 128517 (3444) leather tag
    box 145694 (2123) leather tag
    messenger 177289 (497717) leather tag
    shoulder 138226 (1669) leather tag
    city GH 173084 (502752) silver tag
    part-time GH 173082 (200047) leather tag
    work GH 173080 (1669) leather tag
    hobo GH 177288 (497717) leather tag
    brief GH 173085 (2123) leather tag
    boston 156428 (213048) leather tag
    matelasse medium 168031 (213048) leather tag
    matelasse large 168032
    courier 159671
    extra courier 159686
    planet 138438
    mini coin purse 130783
    compagnon 130788
    bowler 163258
  2. Here is what I have:

    Style Style # (Model) Serial Numbers Tag Type

    1. Afternoon [168027] 2123 leather tag only
    2. Aulmoniere (large) [160364] 492174 leather tag only
    3. Auloniere (small) [159680] 3444 leather tag only
    4. Besace [163268] leather tag only
    5. Bowling [163258] 496393 leather tag only
    6. Box [145694] 2123 leather tag only
    7. Brief [173086 2123 leather tag only
    8. City [115748] 3444, 2123, 1787, 3160, 4276, 496393 silver tag tag (starting S/S 04)
    9. Coin [168503] leather tag only
    10. Compagnon [130788] none none
    11. Courier [159671] 3444 leather tag only
    12. Day/Hobo [140442] 213048 silver tag tag
    13. Extra Courier [159688 213048 leather tag only
    14. First [103208] 213048, 1699 (F/W 06) silver tag (starting F/W 03)
    15. Flat Clutch [122733] 213048 leather tag only
    16. Flat Hobo [108209] 213048 silver tag (starting F/W 03)
    17. Ghost [147188] leather tag only
    18. Giant Brief [173085] 2123 leather tag only
    19. Giant City [173084] 3444 leather tag only
    20. Giant Day [173082] 3444 leather tag only
    21. Giant Flap (Envelope) Clutch
    22. Giant Flat Clutch [177286] leather tag only
    23. Giant Hobo [177288] 497717 leather tag only
    24. Giant Part-Time [173084] 200047 leather tag only
    25. Giant Traveler
    26. Giant Weekender [177287] leather tag only
    27. Giant Work [173080] 1669
    28. Large Shoulder [139068] 213048 leather tag only
    29. Makeup [110481] 213048 leather tag only
    30. Men's Day [141175] 3444 leather tag only
    31. Men's Weekender [156541] 213048 leather tag only
    32. Messenger [177289] 497717 leather tag only
    33. Metelasse Makeup Clutch
    34. Mid-Afternoon [168026] 2123, 496891 leather tag only
    35. Mini Matelssae
    36. Mini-Bowling [163259] 496393 leather tag only
    37. Mini-classique [132116] 2123 leather tag only
    38. Mini-Compagnon [156537] none
    39. mini-purse [130783] 1408 leather tag only (narrow)
    40. Mini-twiggy [138223] 3444 leather tag only
    41. Money [163471] leather tag only
    42. Oval Clutch [159675] 2123 leather tag only
    43. Part-Time [168028] 200047 leather tag only
    44. Planet [138438] 3661 leather tag only (narrow)
    45. Pochette [145695] 1669 leather tag only
    46. Porte-monnaie [130782] 2778 leather tag only (narrow)
    47. Portefeuile [168504] none
    48. Purse [128522] 213048 leather tag only
    49. Shoe Bag [140442] 213048 leather tag only
    50. Shopping [145704] 213048 leather tag only
    51. Shoulder [138226] 1669 leather tag only
    52. Shrug [147185] 213048 leather tag only
    53. The Bersace
    54. The Escapade
    55. The Shere
    56. The Step (The Day Off)
    57. Toilet [163470] leather tag only
    58. Twiggy [128523] 3444 leather tag only
    59. Weekender [110506] 213048 silver tag (starting S/S 04)
    60. Work [132110] 1669 silver tag (starting F/W 05)

    PS. I have this matrixed with the prices and sizes in a spreadsheet, lemme know if you want this all together somewhere :heart:
  3. :nuts:thanks hmwe46!:yahoo:
  4. if you need the codes that was posted on ateliernaff i got them saved on a word page. You need me to post them here?
  5. that would be great! then maybe jag can reorganize the list. thank you!
  6. So sorry if i break the rules, i've cancelled my post. I was hoping to be helpfull
  7. these posts have been deleted in the past. i am not sure that you can reproduce verbatim (ie, cut and paste) LP's work product without her permission. she has presumably closed her site for a reason. i don't mean to be difficult or contrary.
  8. Isn't this information widely available? Or was this verbatim from LP's site?
  9. Actually, some else posted information directly from Balenciaga I believe covering this informatino- let me go look.
  10. phebe's post looks like a copy/paste verbatim from LP's site; it should be deleted from here. And no, the info is not "widely available," which is what made LP's site such a treasure.
  11. This is up to Vlad and Megs to decide. I am leaving it up for now.
  12. Again, i'm so sorry for this, i've asked before doing that cause i'm a newbie here and i wasn't sure it was allowed. Anyway 'i've deleted my post, propbably there was a misunderstanding.
    I'm going to mp Meg or Vlad to explain
  13. No need to phebe. I have already told Vlad and Megs- you have nothing to worry about. People have been regularly posting information from atelier since I first came to this blog over a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, the site is no longer available and we are trying to collect as much information as possible about Balenciaga and its respective product information. So, if anyone has this information without copying LP's site verbatim, feel free to PM me with it and I will take it from there.
  14. ok thanks, thanks and thanks, i felt so guilty:crybaby:
    i promise i'll pay more attention next time
  15. I did NOT copy and paste this data from ANYONE's website.

    I hand typed it myself (as my sore wrist can validate).

    I hereby give ANYONE permission to use it in any way they want.

    :heart: :heart: :heart:

    PS I compiled this (it took about 10 hours of serious web surfacing and mad multi-tasking skills) from a variety of sources and do not believe that any information I have entered into my spreadsheet is in any way proprietary as all the data is available on bags that we each purchased from Balenciaga.
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