Please Help...Need Advice!!

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  1. I just bought a caviar grey jumbo with silver hardware 1 month ago from Saks...I own a black patent reissue with gold chain from 2007...I also own a black patent maxi chevron with silver hardware....I now have the opportunity to get a black caviar jumbo with silver hardware at an employee discount (my sis just got a job at a huge dept store)....that means if I buy the black caviar jumbo I will have 3 black chanel bags:sad:(( I feel I should only own 2 black bags...which would you get rid of???? Thank you!!!!
  2. Get rid of one of the patents. WHich ever one you like less.
    I personally would keep the reissue, but if you love the maxi, purge that baby! :smile:
  3. or should I get a caviar black maxi with silver hardware and get rid of chevron patent maxi???
  4. It sounds like a good option, if you really like the maxi.