Please help, need advice!

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  1. I really need opinions on this. I'm upset because an auction of mine ended a few days ago and I haven't heard any response from the high bidder-(I requested payment or how they are going to pay in 3 days)and I see this person is the high bidder in an auction for the same item that ends tonight. Of course, the bidding isn't up to what mine ended for. Should I e-mail this bidder again? Should I go ahead and send a 2nd chance offer to the 2nd highest bidder? I've been on e-bay for years but just started selling not to long ago, so I'm unsure how to handle this. Thanks for any advice!:confused1:
  2. I have never sold on eBay, but here is my 2 cents worth.
    I think you have to wait to offer the 2nd chance to the next bidder until 7 days have passed, since eBay allows buyers 7 days to pay. Many people pay immediately, but with the 4th of July holiday, maybe she was out of town and unable to respond to your email. I would wait to email her again. If she is not intending to pay, a second email isn't going to make her, and since the auction just ended a few days ago, she might see it as harrassing to have payment demanded twice while she was still in her 7 day window. If you want, email her on the sixth day reminding her in a nice way that she has just one day left to pay before you would be forced to report her as a NPB. But be nice! You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and it doesn't cost you a thing to be nice. Either she will or won't pay and getting mad or threatening her won't change that.

    However, it does appear that the bidder may be waiting to see if she gets the same item cheaper elsewhere. If this is the case, wait the 7 days, report her as a non-paying bidder, block her from future auctions and offer the 2nd chance to the next highest bidder.

    There is also the matter of feedback. You should go to the discussion boards at eBay (click Community, then discussions boards, then feedback) and ask the boardies there whether you can leave FB for a NPB. Again, if you leave FB, don't get mad. It just makes you look silly. Be factual--something like--NPB, never resonded to emails.

    anyway, I hope this helps and good luck resolving this.
  3. When someone buys something from you it is supposed to be a binding contract but there are always those. I recently had someone who bid several times on an item of mine and hors efore the auction closed was sending me several emails begging me to let her out of the auction as she changed her mind....sigh...

    I think there is a place you can go on ebay where they will send her a notice about her lack of payment. Go to the help section and check it out.
    If she doesn't want the item and refuses to pay I guess it wil be best to move on to the next.
  4. I agree with the others. But you never know, the auction she's currently bidding on may very well end much higher than you think if there are a lot of last minute snipers.
  5. well, i stick with my policy, if it says i will relist in 3 days, i will, especially if there is no contact. i actually have two items right now that no feedback bidders won and there is no contact so they will go on tonight. i sent them an email yesterday stating that their 3 days was coming up and i was going to relist or do a second chance offer. even if they decided to pay after you do a second chance offer, you can refund their money if they pay via paypal. just make sure there is no money order in the mail.
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your help. The bidding price of the other auction has gone up and she's still the high bidder, so we'll see.
  7. Please keep us posted. I don't understand why bidders don't read and follow the terms listed in the auction. This is one of the reasons I no longer sell on ebay.
  8. Hi Lainie, as the high bidder, shes entered into a contract with you and has to pay. If she doesnt pay and ends up buying the other same item that shes bidding on right now, you have the right to file a non paying bidder and leave negative feedback (although, she might neg you back).. but, just wait until the bidding is done for the other item, she may pay at the same time.. who knows..

    PS- Im a huge Hoyas fan myself, I love the basketball team
  9. thanks for your help, I am waiting it out!
  10. Please wait the 7 days. She can report you for being a non-preforming seller.
  11. There are buyers out there that do not pay. They win the bid and just don't pay. It has happened to me twice! Differant buyers with legit feedback. Anyways- eBay gives them 7 days to pay- PLEANTY of time... I tell people 3 business days. Over a weekend thats more like a week. I really hope they pay- its just so disapointing when they skip like that, should be a crime.