Please help!!! Need advice for next handbag purchase!!!

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  1. I have my eyes set on both the Melie and Duomo hobo handbags. I was on my way to LV this weekend to make my purchase but realized I have two very similar bags already. I currently own a Delightful GM, old model, and a Reggia. Comparing the pics I kind of feel like I'm buying the same two bags all over again. What do you all think?

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  2. Wouldn't let me upload two photos at a time so here is the Duomo Hobo and the Melie for comparison.

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  3. Haha, they ARE very similar but it seems like there are diffrences as well, like top zipper vs open top. And if hobo is your style and the only type of bag that you use/want to use, then go for it. But if you like more variation then I would look at other bags.

    I love small crossbody bags and have several of those, three are black in the same size - I use all of them. So you know yourself the best - will you use 4 similar bags? if not - don't buy two more. If you would, then you can but them :smile:
  4. Thanks!!! Yes I'm sure I would use them. The delightful GM is much bigger than the Melie and the zippered closure on the Duomo catches my attention. The Reggia is a nice dressy bag. While I think the Duomo would be better for everyday use. So I can certainly see myself using them. I just thought that it was kind of weird for me to buy the same style all over again. Hobos and satchels are my go to handbag styles and I don't want to regret not getting them later on. Thanks again for responding and confirming that I'm not crazy lol these bags really do make me happy.
  5. Well, since I don't like the hobo style i do think you are a little bit crazy :P but i don't think you are crazy to have four bags in your favourite style that you love and use a lot. But personally I would like a little bit more variation in "color". If I loved hobo style I probably wouldn't buy two mono and two ebene. But once again - if that is your favourite "color" then go for it! It is no good to buy bags you don't love! and I think the difference with zippers is important, it is not the same bag with top zipper and without.
  6. lol well truth be told i have the Saint Germain MM in the new Denim color on my radar as well. i just purchased the key pouch in the same color and I'm in love. :loveeyes: Anyway, i was debating on whether i should buy these two or get that one instead. It will probably change again when i get to the boutique. who knows, decisions, decisions :thinking:
  7. i would go with the St Germain over the other two hobo. your Delightful and Reggia serve the same purpose and looks very similar.

  8. It almost look like you're replacing your existing bags with better newer versions. I would recommend selling the two that you have. That way, you can justify buying two similar bags. Better for your wallet too.
  9. You're in the same position I am. I want both the Melie and Duomo also, and I sold my Sully MM and Portobello GM because of this. I didn't see myself wanting multiples that are very similar, but that's just me. I only use my handbags on weekends so I don't need that many. Now I just have to decide which will be first!!Leaning toward Melie now and Duomo for fall. Good luck deciding!

  10. This is actually a way better question! ;) "Should I get these two or Saint Germain MM?". Now you tell me that you actually have an option from buying two similar (not the same) bags and instead buy a different one.

    Well, my answer is: go for the Saint Germain MM in denim IF you love it and will use it! :smile: if you won't use it then don't buy it ;)

    With the Saint Germain you would have three different bags instead of four similar. And the three bags will cover more of your needs. But once again, if you only use hobo - then only buy hobo. I have done that mistake so many times. Buying something only cause I wanted variation, not really thinking about if I would use the bag/clothes/shoes or not.
  11. thanks everyone!! you all kinda share my same thoughts that these two are just too similar to what i already have. The Saint Germain will be my next handbag purchase. i think I'm just used to gravitating toward hobo style bags. I also think it's time to come out of my comfort zone and explore other handbag styless. I'm sure I will love the Saint Germain just as much as the other two. Thanks again for helping me decide!!
  12. +1
  13. How about something in epi for a change?
  14. The left one. You don't have a zipper option yet:smile: and also I like the look better than the other one. It's a bit too much going on on the one on the right imo:smile: Good luck:smile: