Please python stam!

  1. Okay...I know, me and my whims...I keep changing what kind of bag I want by the second...but I just tried on one of the python stam at one of the Nordies today and I instantly fell in love! I'm sure this time now...I want a navy python stam! It looks the most luscious of all the python stams.

    That being said, does anyone know where I can find one? Has anyone seen it anywhere? Since it seems to be one of the seasonal ones, will it ever be on sale? Please help me as I'm drooling as I type! Thank you! :yahoo:
  2. Do I just call all the Nordies I can find the numbers for? How will I know if it's in perfect condition? :shrugs:
  3. Has anyone seen this bag anywhere? :crybaby:
  4. Oh, I mean the python stam with the blue trim. Has anyone seen it...? :sad:
  5. :shocked: Somebody just told me that the stam's color is actually beige but just with greenish blue trim. So how many kinds of python are there? How would I tell a MJ SA (most of whom don't know the MJ styles anyways) which one I want? :wtf:
  6. The Stam you want is from Resort 2006's QUILTED FABRIC AND PYTHON line, the style number is C363038. This particular style ($1375USD) is available in Ivory, Beige, Light Grey, Navy, Olive. It's definitely available at MJ boutiques, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc.

    You can see some of the colors in the following thread, search for C363038.
  7. I actually didn't much like this bag at all when I saw it in pictures, but in real life it is stunning!
  8. Thank you bag.lover! :yes:
  9. Agree with you that these bags look much better in real life. Ivory is the best selling color at MJ boutiques.
  10. I just saw that stores can't sell python in CA and python merchandise can't be shipped there either? I wasn't aware that there was such a law :amazed: but there's nothing against a person wearing python right? I spend about a third of my time each year in California so I would like to know. :shrugs: Thank you!