Please Help!! Name This Louis..

  1. That's one I haven't seen before! Where did you find the photo? Maybe it's something new to be released?
  2. NOOO i've seen it ONE other time in white awhile ago....but it never crossed my mind for some reason and I came across this one in black and i was like WOW IT IS REAL!!!...and I WANT TO KNOW ALL ABOUT IT...but am having NO LUCK with the name or when it was released if its still posbbile to get..blah blah...PLEASE help!..I mean look at it!!!! How could you not LVoe it???
  3. I am sure this was a runway piece from 2003 that did not make it into production:yes:
  4. ^yup I hate it when they do that...
  5. Sorry, I can't help you with the name of the bag but I found another picture of it in White MC.

    Is it the same bag?

  6. Its so amazing! (is it just me??) I dont understand why it woudlnt go into production..i'd do ANYTHING to get my hands on one...
  7. [​IMG]

    The monogram print looks all off-centered...
  8. ^ Yeah, I noticed the LV in the middle is all cut off...It's an absolutely gorgeous bag though :drool:

  9. ^^^^^

    I was thinking the SAME thing, Addy !!!! :confused1:
  10. sorry I don't know the name...

  11. thats cute but unfortunately like all of the other bags i like it never made it into production.
  12. It's the exact same design which was later became the Suhali L'Ingenieux (The PM being slightly shorter). So I'd imagine, that forever reason, the design was relegated to the goastskin line.


    The monogram alignment is obviously this way because the entire bag's exterior is one piece of canvas.. maybe a proportion/size couldn't be created that was satisfactorally/nicely aligned from all angles, also, I'd imagine that early into Multicolore's life, folding the canvas had technical issues (wear on the canvas and silkscreened paint etc).

    What's interesting is that the same bag is seen in both regular Multicolore Monogram AND Eye Multicolore Monogram in the same catwalk show. Perhaps shows that it was all very much still WIP at that stage?

    The plot thickens... :supacool:
  13. I too have seen these pics. I was SO hoping that one would come out, but it never did... It is so cute!