Please help name this Chanel!!!

  1. Love this purse...please let me know the name of it. Also, any chance i can get still get it? and where would it be?

    Thanks sooo much
  2. It's the lady braid satchel in black from F/W 2006, i believe they are re-releasing it for F/W 2007?

    It was $2,495 retail
  3. you absolutanne...does it come in other color?
  4. I think for F/W it will come in navy and black and the price will be (get ready) $2995. I'm not completely sure about the price, but I think thats right. If you do a search, there's a picture of the new one for F/W 2007 floating somewhere on this thread...
  5. can anyone tell me the difference between chanel tote
    #A329009Y03929 and #A30221Y03929. Please let me know. Thank you
  6. I think it will be $2795 when re-released for F/W '07, and available in a brighter cobalt blue (I remember seeing a pic in the Shopping subforum if you'd like to search for it), charcoal grey, and black. :smile:
  7. ^^try starting your own thread:yes:
  8. Any advices on how to get on the waiting list early? I've never purchase such a popular purse before, so not sure what to do to get it.....hmmm cobalt blue...i'm gonna search for the pic...if you see it..please let me know...thankssssssss
  9. I think it's $2695. I'd just call around to get on lists. I think Nordstroms Mall of America is getting this bag. Here is a pic from the trunk show. I think it's the navy blue, but looks like a royal blue from the pic.

  10. Wow, that blue with silver HW pops!!!!!!
  11. heart just skipped a beat...It's love at first sight...:heart::heart::heart::drool::drool:

    Thank you rock.........
  12. Do we need to make a full payment in order to get on the waiting list? or at least a deposit? Thanks for advice.
  13. No. You just ask to be put on the waiting list. However, there are stores that will ask for your credit card number so that they can hold the bag for you if they can't get ahold of you.
  14. ahh..thank you sylphi
  15. There are 2 different sizes (same style) of the blue. Saks ordered the larger at $2995 and the Chanel boutiques oredered the smaller size at $2695.
    BTW, I took that picture at the Saks show, and it is true to color. Chanel calls it navy, but it is indeed a bright cobalt blue, just like the pic. :yahoo: