Please help name this bag *pics from store*

  1. I know it is in the Mandalay collection and I want to call the 800# to see if any are out there on clearance. Vista says the bags in the Mandalay collection are. But, this particular store is not a boutique and still has it at $875

    If you don't know the name how would you describe it to someone? I am new to designer bags. A tote? doctors bag? shopper? What color would you call it? Choclate? It is about 10 inches in height and 12 inches wide.

    Please I'd like to call the 800# tonight if they are still open. :yes:

    CIMG5136.jpg CIMG5138.jpg
  2. Swanky mama said it's the Bowler. Does anyone own one yet? How does the leather feel?
  3. I dont know what the model is of that one, sure looks great!

    Some Burberry specialist here probably has more details, my guess is its from the Mandalay line .. black leather with check trim I'd tell them it has rolled leather handles, sort of square shaped hand bag - front pocket with buckle and snap closure it looks like, and the trim is around the pocket and the top zipper only. Lol not sure how else to describe it, great looking bag - I hadn't seen that one before -- maybe its a special edition for the duty free shops at the airports, thats not impossible.

    I sent a link to the picture to burrberry customer service and asked too, I wonder if they will respond LOL I will let you know if I hear anything too
    good luck and hope you get this bag, its pretty great looking :smile:

  4. Looks like a bowler to me:yes: Is it on sale?
    I ask because I bought the cosmetics case that matches this past week for $99!
    The leather was fine, not too soft and squishy = delicate, but smooth, not stiff at all.
  5. Looks like a bowler to me too, but I am no expert :shame:
  6. I like the look of it.
  7. thanks. words like bowler and satchel are great. Vista your description was great. I'd be on the phone saying it is "really cute and brown with a little pocket."

    It is actually a dark brown - not black - and that makes me love it even more. It is so cute!

    I hope customer service is open on Saturdays. And I hope I can find it on sale. :yahoo: