Please help my wish list..Legacy Whiskey 2006 shoulder bag or 2007 Whiskey or Walnut

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    Ali and legacy Girls, I am debating getting, a
    2006 Whiskey shoulder bag for it is the last thing on my wish list and then I self ban for sure. Two bags are selling perhaps on the bay..and maybe I can get a whiskey, maybe . Those of you who have the Whiskey shoulder in the two pocket as opposed to the belted one pocket version in 2007 in whiskey or walnut, please help me to decide which style of shoulder flap is most comfortable or heavier under the arm. Is the 2007 style with the belt and one pocket any longer in the strap than the two pockets and easier to carry or a bit less like a bulky? I know that the strap is short but I cannot seem to find a whiskey sim flap anywhere and the Ali is too heavy for me. I do have a camel and I am regretting if I sell her for they are so very hard to find, but I am so afraid of that light colol showing wear and the dark top or jeans tranfser. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!! ;)
  2. I prefer the 06 to the 07. JMO!
  3. I agree!!
  4. I have both and prefer the '06 by far. It fits a ton more with the two pockets rather than the one. To me, they both feel about the same on the shoulder---weight and comfort wise. HTH!!
  5. I have the '07 (in walnut though), and would rather have '06 (in whiskey though!)! I vote '06!
  6. I have the 06 in pond and it is one of my most prized Coach bags.
  7. i just posted modeling pics of my 06 rose shoulder bag in my christmas reveal but i'll tempt you with them here! hehe!

    i don't know about the 07 shoulder bag but i was blown away by my 06 rose! she is almost a perfect bag for me - fits all essentials including cardigan and book, and those two pockets are just awesome! lightweight enough to carry all day with not a single ache and no sliding off my shoulder because it's a single strap, and it doesn't cut into your shoulders because the strap is nice and phat! :nuts: i'm loving my 06 rose!
    R0017722.JPG R0017729.JPG R0017737.JPG R0017739.JPG R0017741.JPG
  8. I have the 07, and while I love it I can only carry it when I can get by without a lot of stuff with me. I would prefer the 06 to it(or really own both lol!), since it has more space.
  9. I had a NWT black '06 and when I realized that my sunglasses with case do not fit I returned it. Later I bought the '07 walnut because my sunglasses do fit in the longer single front pocket it has. That was a deciding factor for me. Let us know what your decision is!
    I think they feel exactly the same on the shoulder from what I can remember. They're the same size.
  10. OH MY GOODNESS< Where did you get the Rose 06? I absolutely could kick myself for not getting that bag. I so love that pink color , but I got a violet spectator that is the closeest I will ever come to having that bag. I really have enough new bags for the year and with the economy and I was trying to be very careful selling , trading in with tags for spectators, gray shoulder and the violtet, but I wanted to go out in style with a Whiskey. You have made up my mind. EEEK. I want a Rose or Teal now..
    I must be strong... be still my heart. You are adorable!!! Thanks!!!!:tup:
  11. OOOOH POND These pretty bags are getting harder to find. I do like the walnut 2007 with the one pocket for comfort and I love the whiskey with the two pockets, 2006. It was more russet in 2007. I had gotten the slim flap in whiskey and it had green dots all over it. I did have to return it for it was pretty polka dotty. The 2006 Ali was so beautiful but she was so heavy for me. I have very tiny shoulders (wish the bottom of me was so small) so the one pocket is slimer under my arm unless I throw it back like Dragonette has hers in some pictures of her Rose one. Weight is a factor in all of my leather bags so I do not stuff them at all. You would all laugh if you see how little I put in my heavier leather bags so I can wear them. I really loved all of the legacy that year. I did find two pretty signature slim flaps, black and black and brown..and I do have a slim camel for sale right now, but I always have sellere's remorse to part with them. Do any of you have that feeling when they go even for the best reasons? When I get this whiskey color, or if I am lucky enough to ever find a pond or a rose, I will definitely as I am now planning to take a family pic. I have a camera, but trouble posting or uploading on here. Thanks again for your help. !!!! :yahoo:
  12. Hello, I carry very light, so that is not a worry, but I liked the Walnut 2007 rather than the whiskey, for they changed the color somewhat. Either style 2006 or 07 would be okay for me, and now I added a wish or two,.since I am thinking about those delicious colors. I had forgotten about the pond and rose for a while..darn they are all so nice..all the legacy!!! Thank you for your help!! :woohoo:
  13. Believe me, I would like either if I found any of the colors in gentle used condition. They are really hard to find, especially any pond or rose from 06. That was a mistake not buying one of those when I had the chance. Oh well, maybe they will turn up. Thanks for your help , I really do appreciate it!!! :yahoo:
  14. I hope I did not answer twice but I did not want to forget any of you..I agree, I do like the 06 very much, and I do not put much in it but the whiskey 06 has such a lovely patina, I love the walnut one pocket as well. Hard to chose if I find one ever. The colors are TDF. Thank you, you girls are so nice!!! And so helpful to share your thoughts. It is much appreciated!!:yahoo:
  15. I love the walnut and I love the whiskey, but I can only get one mor bag this year and that legacy is my choice and my promise to myself for 2009, last bag. Mark this date down that I said this, if I get more than one or a color in legacy thanks to seeing the one Dragonette posted and hearing about the Pond which I have looked on the bay endlessly for..Remind me of my New Year's Resolution to be happy and to be satisfied. Well, okay I got 2 purple madison small things at the outlet this weekend. , do they count, they are really small??? :yahoo: