Please help my Spy!

  1. She's looking a bit worse for the wear. I've really been careful with it, but I can't seem to prevent the wear on the bottom, and I think it looks awful. I've put Coach leather conditioner on it, and while the leather is immediately darker once I apply the conditioner, once it dries it looks like this again. Does anyone have any advice? Do your cognac spies (or any other color for that matter) look like this?

    Spy for web.jpg
  2. Hey never posted in the Fendi forum before but when I saw this i had to comment. I had the exact same problem with my honey spy, it was wearing on the bottom and even ripping badly in the corners. I dont know how this happened b/c i am so careful with it. Anyway, i took it into the fendi store at the Short Hills mall(NJ) and they sent it to a specialist in NYC. It came back in a few weeeks and looked alot better, not completely restored but a huge improvement. it might be worth a try! Good luck!
  3. Thanks fashionista621. My Spy is almost a year old, though, so I don't know if they'd do anything. I haven't carried it in months to prevent wear...just got it out again last week. The nearest Fendi store (which is where it was purchased) is about six hours away.
  4. Hello all. This is a shameless bump. Can anyone else offer some advice? I'm particularly interested in successful home remedies! Thanks.
  5. Hmmm..I have the same problem with my dark brown spy and this problem is quite common for the older spy (I bought mine around Dec 2005?) especially with brown or cognac colors. For some reason the lamb skin on the older spy is very fragile and very soft but skin tends to worn easily from rubbing agains clothes we are wearing or when it rubs against something harsh. But the leather on my black spy that I purchase quite recent is more supple and less fragile than the brown one so I suspect that Fendi might have changed the way they treat their leather due to the complaints their received from buyers.

    IMO there is not really much thing you can do about it once top layer of the skin worn or fade. I still love the way my brown spy looks even with part of the leather look a little worn and in fact I think it adds character on this baby. In fact this bag is one of my fav bags.
  6. Thanks, Sweetea!
  7. I had that problem too and was told by the SA that it is the nature of the leather to fade. The so call "worn" look.