Please HELP!!! My smelly Striped Denim Spy.

  1. Hi: After reading that one PFer got a SUPER fake spy from eBay, I start to freak out 'cause I just got a striped denim Spy from eBay too. The leather handles smell somewhat weird--like glue :wtf: . I have a Fortuny bought from Saks. the leather smells like leather (good smell :graucho: )
    Could you guys help authenticate it? I try to give as many pic as i can.
    Thank You.:crybaby:
    cIMG_7695.jpg cIMG_7667.jpg cIMG_7669.jpg cIMG_7670.jpg cIMG_7671.jpg
  2. More pics.:s
    cIMG_7672.jpg cIMG_7673.jpg cIMG_7674.jpg cIMG_7675.jpg cIMG_7676.jpg
  3. More pics.:sad:
    cIMG_7677.jpg cIMG_7678.jpg cIMG_7680.jpg cIMG_7679.jpg cIMG_7683.jpg
  4. The seller did not have me an authentification card.. More pics. Hope it's not to many..:confused1:
    cIMG_7686.jpg cIMG_7697.jpg cIMG_7698.jpg
  5. Plastic is still on the Fendi plate.

    i'm crossing my fingers..Hope it's authentic.. OMG!!! Will I be able to sleep?More pic.. :wtf: THANK YOU SO MUCH..:sweatdrop:
    c1IMG_7697.jpg cIMG_7702.jpg cIMG_7704.jpg cIMG_7707.jpg
  6. Awww smalinee, I have to say everything on that Spy looks good to me's very hard to tell with Super Fakes from photos but easier to see IRL.:shrugs:

    I would contact the seller and ask them if they were aware of the smell before they sent the bag. It may be that they stored it somewhere where it could have made the leather smell bad. The leather on my baby denim just smells of the normal leathery smell! Maybe you could wipe the handles with a damp cloth gently?? I hope the smell goes soon!!:yes:
  7. It looks good to me, but I would have it authenticated by a third party for your own peace of mind, (it's inexpensive). :yes:

    Good luck!!! :flowers:

    And I know what you mean about losing sleep - uncertainty is horrible! :sad:
  8. Looks good to me.

    But since real-life comparisons are much more accurate and you already have another Spy, do a side-by-side comparison -- seams, shapes, etc. Should give you a pretty firm idea of the bag's authenticity.

    I personally don't have a denim Spy, so can't vouch for the smell. Anyone here with denim Spy?
  9. I know you've posted a ton of photos, but post a close-up of the front of the Spy compartment flap, where the strip of white leather is. That's another point of authentication.
  10. smalinee I received my Denim Spy today and from the photos you have shown they are identical to my Spy, so I am sure it's authentic!:yahoo: As for the smell, mine has the signature "Spy leather" smell (which is divine!) so, I am not sure why your Spy's handle smell....if you need anymore help PM me;)
  11. I have a striped denim spy and yours looks just like mine. The white braided handles on the fakes don't have that blue undertone. I love the bag, just am not sure about the white stiff leather! Enjoy it!!!:p
  12. Hi: Here is the flap's pic. Thank you so much.

  13. Hi: Congrats on your new freshy smell denim spy:yahoo: . I am wondering why the care card mentions only about white leather.. Does your care card the same?


  14. Hello: I did compare the denim spy w the Fortuny. I cannot tell the differece. However, I'm very new to Spy... So, I'm not 100% certain.:confused1:

  15. Ladies: Thanks for taking time to help me.. I really appreciate it.. I guess I could sleep better tonight..