Please Help My New White Bolide!

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  1. I just got my new beautiful bag yesterday....a clemence 31 cm white bolide....and I want to know how I can protect her gorgeous leather!!! Preferably the handles!!

    I was wondering what products (if any) you ladies used? PLEASE help me because I don't want to ruin her!!


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  2. twillys on the handles?

    I wouldn't use anything on the leather.
  3. is that bad to put a twilly on the handles?? or should I just put it through the loop?
  4. PurseSlave--Your bag is so *pretty*.
  5. oh oh I see! Sorry, I'm a newbie....this is my first H bag I get to use!! :smile:
  6. Lovely Bolide, congrats. Yes, twilly wrap the handles.
  7. Meltonian leather cream once it gets soiled, but I really like this concept of wrapping a scarf around the handles. It gives the bag and what you're wearing a little zip!
  8. OMG...So Gorgeous Purseslave!!:drinkup:
    Enjoy her!! Your scarf looks cute!
  9. you're not a newbie for long, once you have your first orange box!

    Only problem with Birkins and Bolides is that they require two twillys...and matching ones look nicest, IMO.
  10. thanks to you!!! :yahoo:
  11. Have you actually used this on your bags?? I just don't want to ruin her once she gets dirty :crybaby:
  12. ^ I've used it on my bags, but I don't have a white worked very well on my coloured ones, though.

    TEST IT on an inconspicuous place first, if you decide to go that route!!
  13. That bolide is so gorgeous! Congratulations!
  14. I've used Meltonian on my bags...get the lotion in the blue bottle. It's safe for exotics even.

    I've been using it on my Barenia bag....with no problem...