Please help- my new python Zagliani bag is here but...


Sep 3, 2006

hopefully someone will be able to help. I ordered a Zagliani bag from during the week:

and it arrived yesterday. It is so beautiful in real life- a work of art. It really looks like it has been crafted by a master, but I am not sure if i should keep it. For returns you have to notify them within 48 hours, so I have until tomorrow to make my decision.

Here are the reasons I am unsure- if you have any feedback or knowledge I would really appreciate it.

Is python skin super fragile? I would hate to find that the bag looked tired after a couple of outings. Are the scales likely to curl? Should a protectant be used in the care of such a bag? How do you care for a bag like this?

Is it unethical to carry python? I am so aware looking at this bag that it is a python skin. Is it likely that the python suffered in the making of the bag. I would feel uncomfortable if that was the case. And is anyone likely to have a go at me in the street if I am carrying the bag?

I have loved Zagliani bags since I came across them months ago, but at the time it was a gold weekend bag that caught my eye. But it was gold (wrong colour for me) and too big to consider buying. When I saw it in silver, hand bag sized, a couple of weeks ago I started to get palpitations, and now I have it. It is as incredible as I thought it would be. But...... :confused1: Please help.


For the love of beautiful things
Oct 18, 2006
New Mexico
If you're having trouble imagining yourself carrying it, if you think you'll be self-conscious about it, I'm not sure if you should keep it. I wonder if you can get past that feeling....
Just something to think about.


Feb 4, 2007
I just have to comment on the ethics of carrying python (or crocodile or ostrich for that matter). If we don't care about the cows/ calves/ lambs/ goats that our other bags are made out of, why the concern for the exotics? Or if we eat meat, wear leather shoes, etc.? These animals are all raised for the specific purpose of making these articles. As far as the animal suffering, I do believe that if you buy this product from a well-known designer, chances are the animals were killed in a humane manner. The publicity that cruelty would elicit would just not be something that these companies could afford. But you can never know for sure. Now after saying all this, I still can't bring myself to wear fur, it just seems to be too in-your-face callous. But I realize I'm being hypocritical.


Sep 3, 2006
Thanks for the responses:smile:

I don't think I'd be self conscious carrying the bag- just worried about it being fragile and easily damaged.

As regards the ethics thing, that didn't even occur to me before ordering it, in the way it would have done had fur been involved- but now I see it I am concerned that it might be a PETA type issue that I wasn't aware of.

I don't have any problem carrying leather goods, eating meat, fish etc, and don't have a problem with a bag being python skin- my concern is if the python suffered for no reason other than to make me this bag. Looking into it, the CITES regulations for python seem pretty stringent, so I think Zagliani would be well regulated (unfortunately I can't find any info out online about Zagliani and CITES).

I have emailed Matches to ask about care- the bag didn't come with a care card. So I think I might email their returns department today and say i may have to return the bag- dependant on their response to my query. That will keep my options open til Monday I guess.

Do any of you have a python bag- how is the upkeep?


Aug 10, 2006
I saw this gorgeous gold python bag today. However I am not sure if I should buy it. Same thought as rubylola. I think snake skin is fragile, the scales will be curled sooner or later. Gold color is very eye catching but also looked tired after a while. Gold is "in" which means it will be "out" . Do you agree?


Feb 28, 2007
that bag is gorgeous!!! I know the whole peta thing and I repsect it but so many of those "peta" types are so hypercritical. Like I have said earlier unless you grow your own cotton , gorw your own veggies and never shop at mass amrket stores for anytihng, ride you bike everywhere someone something was exploited for your convience. Thats not to say we shouldn't try to make the world a better place but don't be so quick to point the finger at those with fab snake bags. I would wear vintage fur but I wouldn't do a new fur coat. I would feel bad but thats my personal choice and I don't judge those who do it.:nogood:


May 4, 2007
I had a name brand python bag years ago. Since then, I never purchased another one. I don't know if the "technology" has ever been improved lately. Based on my years ago experience, the leather peels and fell off. It turnes to be worn and old easily. Again, this is my years ago personal experience.


Sep 3, 2006
Matches got back to me to say not to get the bag wet (tricky for me in Scotland!!!), and not to expose it to direct sunlight for extended periods (now that is easier in Scotland).

I think I will keep it because it is absolutely gorgeous, and if it doesn't age well, I'll just have to chalk it up to experience!

Thanks for posting the picture Button- that is the same as my bag, except mine is silver. Also, metallics seem to be coming back in every few seasons. I can't really see them ever being really 'out'.

Ladysalesrep195 i will contact Barbara to see if she has any suggestions, thanks very much.


Jun 10, 2007
Chester, UK.
I saw the bag yesterday whilst out, it is beautiful there is no denying that but I think it would be quite fragile.

I believe the python skin used to make these bags was injected with botox though to make it softer and easier to make into the bag so maybe that might actually make it better wearing in the long run?

If you're happy with the bag though and truly in love with it, keep it. If you love it what does it matter what others think or how they may judge.


Sep 22, 2006
PETA of course opposes the killing of any animal for human consumption or use, but there has never been a concerted effort against exotics like snake. It is very unlikely that anyone would have a go at you due to carrying a Python bag.

I don't know much about the care of one, but it is a beautiful bag! Congratulations!
i personally would never carry skins and im sorry if i am stepping on everyones toes but i have to be honest i think carrying leather is very very different

cows are consumed throughout this country in masses on a daily basis,

pythons, chinchillas (in reference to using fur), lizards,

people do not normally eat these animals, yes you can argue and say that some of these animals are eaten in exotic meals, but the amout of skin used for a bag is a lot, and you can be sure that most times the python was not killed to be eaten and then someone decided to use the scales for a bag, it was killed to make the bag,,and thats it,,

with cows there is so much hide and skin left from eating them in such great numbers that it would be wasteful NOT to use the skins and hides to create items we can use

I have a big problem with exotic skins because these animals are mainly killed just for the skin and i think that is wasteful,,

im sorry :sad: i wouldnt like attack you on the street :smile: i dont think anyone would but i do take a 2nd look when i see skin bags like that :sad: sorry!

(please dont throw rocks @ me too hard! :smile: Im just being totally honest about my feelings on what dies for the sake of handbags and what dies and then leftovers are used to make handbags)


Mar 28, 2007
^Your comment is completely legitimate and I'm not offended as a lover of exotics (certain ones). I agree with you that fur is murder, I can't help it, the way in which the fur is taken is so inhumane.

I love python and crocodile bags, they exude a uniqueness that I sometimes crave in a bag (it's like I'm talking about men). Snakes and crocodiles are predatory that cause pain amongst their victims, so I don't really bother myself concerning how they come to me in the form of accessories. With that said, the bag is gorgeous! If you love it, wear it!