Please help my mouse!!!

  1. My mouse quilted hobo banana is desperate for a matching wallet. Honestly, she's embarrassed to even go to the grocery store, b/c when it's time to pay I have to unzip her and pull out a ghastly black wallet that just makes no sense next to her beautiful mousiness. Can someone please please please help her somehow? She would like a mouse zip clutch or a large wallet, and a quilted key pouch, and cannot find a way to purchase either or these, new or used (we live in Cananda, so the beautiful quilted large wallets from Barney's aren't an option). Any ideas of where to look? I tried calling the MJ boutiques, but all they have left (according to their "computer", anyway) are large ZIP wallets (with the wrist strap), and that isn't quite what we had in mind. Does anyone have a slightly used mouse zip clutch, large quilted wallet, or quilted key pouch they'd like to sell--or know where I could possibly purchase a new or used one for my little mousie hobo? Thank you!
  2. Aw, sorry about your dilemma... I haven't seen any mouse ZCs lately, this color is from last season and is most likely sold out. Did you try Nordstroms? I remember hearing that they will ship to Canada.

    BTW, there is no selling between members on TPF, unless it is done within the Marketplace forum.
  3. That's a hard color to find. Have you tried, elux or perhaps Barneys?
  4. Try calling Christine or Joseph, give them the style numbers of these items (listed below); they will be able to check the availability for you. Good luck. =)
    Christine at Neiman Marcus San Francisco: 877-634-6264 ext 2164
    Joseph at Nordstrom San Diego: 619.295.4441 ext 1250

    Mouse is a color from Fall 2006, these are the official style numbers:
    Quilted Zip Clutch ($450USD): C362421
    Quilted Medium Wallet ($375USD): C362422
    Quilted Large Zip Wallet ($495USD): C362425
    Quilted Key Pouch ($185USD): C362428
  5. Thank you so much for you help everyone! Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I went in for foot surgery yesterday morning (ouchies) and have been on a few too many painkillers to do much computer stuff.

    thithi: I've tried nordstrom, but no luck. Thanks for the suggestion, though! I totally didn't realize that there was a selling area, so thanks for the heads-up!

    pquiles: Thanks so much for the suggestions, but the only place out of those three that has the wallet in mouse is Barneys, and they, unfortunately, don't ship to Canada. ARGH!

    bag.lover: WOW! Thank you for such specific, helpful info! I am going to call tomorrow as soon as the shops open. I really hope they can turn up something! You wouldn't happen to know the item number for the large quilted wallet (NOT the zip one that has the wrist strap), would you? It's currently on Barney's website, and it's probably the one I want if I can't get a zip clutch. If not, don't worry, you've already given me so much. Is there anyone I should tell Christine or Joseph sent me?
  6. Hope she got it!
  7. Thanks so much for the heads-up, Melly. Unfortunately, eLux won't ship to Canada :sad: