Please help my mom decide

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  1. We have not been LV for a long time. But recently something got our eyes. Not sure if it will be available but asking our SA to try. Which bag would you recommend? Explorer bag GM from SS or Atlantis bag MM from FW? My mom loves weird unordinary design
    Pictures borrowed from Internet and Atlantis mm thread

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  2. I'd vote Atlantis (but remove that horrible strap). The Explorer just looks like a silly little drawstring bag. The Atlantis has a little style at least!
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  3. Would you be using these bags as everyday bags?
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  4. I am sorry, but I am not a fan of either and the second one looks ridiculous to me. :confused1:
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  5. Atlantis...look super casual.
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  6. More for the weekend
  7. Thank you everyone. I guess Atlantis are more friendly for use
  8. I like both bags, but I think the Atlantis would be a better choice
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  9. These bags are both blowing my mind a little. :shocked: Thank you for posting them! They are definitely stretching my imagination. Let us know which one she gets, and please do share pics!
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  10. The Atlantis gets my vote! It looks comfy. Good luck deciding!
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  11. #11 Jul 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
    Atlantis. I would find the drawstring a bit difficult to use even casually. I find the Atlantis more fashionable.
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  12. Agree. I'm not crazy about either but I think the drawstring would be irritating to use after a while.
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  13. I am in awe of the Atlantis bag, unique and its been so long since vuitton had a bag with large shoulder strap.
    I find it unique and some mentioned it has a casual look, I find that combination a success, the bag will stand the test of time as the design is not super seasonal and has walked the runway!
    I particularly loved how it was presented on the runway.
    I dont think you will be able to get on the waiting list for it now tho but let the store and sa knows, there are more than 200 on the list and its currently closed for MM.
  14. Well these are interesting choices for sure, this is actually my first time seeing either bag! I would vote for the 1st one but in my opinion that giant strap needs to go.
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  15. I vote Atlantis!