Please Help My Lanvin Ballet Pumps

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  1. Hi all!

    I've now bought two pairs of Lanvin ballet pumps and both have had sole issues! I had the black perforated ones and took them back to the store where I bought them and they offered to resole and the cobbler destroyed them by putting a huge beige rubber sole on the front half of the shoe?? The store refunded me for these ones

    I've now started wearing my silver ones and they are suffering from the same issue, the cobbler I took them to refused to even attempt to repair them as he said they were so badly designed (:confused1:). I can return this pair but you know how it is when you just love a pair of shoes!

    Anyway, can anyone offer some glimmer of hope as to what I can do? I have my black patent ones sitting in their box as I'm too scared to wear them and destroy them :sad:
  2. Can anyone please help? :sos:
  3. i know where u r coming from but my cobbler is wicked so he fixed mine. From the way i walk i was only wearing down the back of the sole she he re-soled that part. He is the best cobbler in town. They actually fix shoes if they r mailed to them too. U can check out their site lmk if u need anymore info
  4. I just found an old thread that says something about zipsoles. Have you any experience of these? I'm so in love with my Lanvin's but my other half is telling me I should return them.....boys! :blah:
  5. Oh and thanks for the link :flowers:
  6. i'm on the verge of buying these, but this issue is scaring me out of it.

    frankly, i cannot afford to spend so much on shoes (because of bags!), but i tried them on and found them so ridiculously comfortable that i'm contemplating dropping the money.
  7. I love them but this sole issue is a problem. I think that US and Canadian cobblers are better than the ones we have over here and should be able to come up with a solution

    Despite the soles being so thin I'd still buy another pair :shame:
  8. I have several pain of Lanvin ballet flats and I love them. One of the first thing I realized is that the sole is made of such a fine leather they wear down fast.

    I took them to my shoe repair and had rubber protectors on the bottom and they have been fine. That's just the way they are made. Because they are the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned (besides Nikes) I am willing to pay for the sole reinforcers . . .
  9. I don't suppose you know the name of what they put on the soles?
  10. ^ There's different brand names of the 'rubber' stuff they put on the sole, but Vibram is a really common one. It does extend the life of your sole.
  11. I think I'll get my pal in the US to find out if her cobbler can do this and then send them over to her, thanks for your help everyone :tender:
  12. Just a little update......spoke to my pal in NY and she is going to check out the shoe repairers called Angelo's on Fifth Ave. as they are supposed to be able to work magic! She's going to show them her Lanvin's and see what they say
  13. have you tried the perrins shoe clinic in hampstead? they fixed my old fsny ballet pumps when i wore through the sole :shame: and i'm taking my lanvins there the next time i'm in london..
  14. Thanks SO much for that! Will check them out :flowers:
  15. no problem! they're on perrins court just opposite of villa bianca..

    i was going to have mine re-soled in helsinki and i specified that i wanted a light sole, not black (mine are tan) and the guy pulled out this outrageously thick sole and said that's the thinnest they had :wtf: i swear it must have been a cm thick :yucky: so i said i'd take them elsewhere..

    oooh and there's another place, it's called something like half moon shoe repairs, it's on half moon street off piccadilly. they're good as well. and classic shoes (i think it's in camden, jimmy choo use them for their repairs) are good too from what i hear but i haven't used them.