Please help my Jumbo

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  1. I recently bought a brand new Jumbo, everything looks fine, except the bottom, the two pieces of leather looks very different, one side looks shinier than the other side. I don't know it's normal or not, anyone here has the same problem? what should I do now? I attached two pictures.

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  2. Did you buy it at a store?
  3. I am in canada, a lady here doing business help people buying from US, save us some money, but of course we pay extra money for her. I haven't go to local boutique to check it, but I am 95% sure it's authentic, just not comfortable with the bottom. For a authentic purse, is that a issue?
  4. Never seen differences in texture within the same bag. It looks like there are color variations as well.
  5. You should tell the lady about this and exchange it for a different bag. There are definitely color variations.
  6. Do you mean it's very unnormal?
    Can any lovely lady kindly share some pictures of ur jumbo's bottom, let me c how bad mine is. Thanks!
  7. I already talked to her, she said she don't think that's a problem, and she also said no one will look at your purse bottom. sounds like she don't want to do anything to help me.
    I don't know how to do now. hope ladies here can give me some advises.
  8. I think the darker side has new shiny black, while the lighter is another piece that was mixed at the factory and the worker picked out wrong.

    exchange it

  9. tell her YOU are going to look at the bottom of your purse and you DO think it is a problem, sheesh, how rude is she?
  10. Since she bought it directly at the store, am I correct to assume she holds the receipt and is under her name?
  11. Dkangkang
    I guess it's not color difference, it's one side is shinier like what you mentioned. Exchange it and tell the sa it " bothers" you big time!!! I mean no one will really look at the bottom of your purse but ultimately it's your purse and you will!!!!!! Go and request an exchange!!
  12. Now I read that someone help you get this purse, same thing, tell her straight about it!!! If she's not willing to help, ask her for the receipt!
  13. This doesn't look normal to me ... exchange if you can.
  14. She tell me she bought it by make phone call, and the store shipped to her or her friend's US address. So she give me the store shipping Invoice. Yes, everything under her name.
  15. Even it is under her name, you can still exchange it with your name!

    where was she bought from?