please help... my first lv handbag

  1. Hi, I'm new here and I love love LV handbags... but I haven't get a chance to get one. I usually go for coach and dooney and bourkey... but i've always want LV. I've read through a lot of threads and lots of people are buying LV bags from Ebay, so I went to ebay and i really love this bag. Can anyone help me out see if this bag is real or fake. This back as you see the words are upside down so I do not know if its real or fake. Thanks so much.

    eBay: ABSOLUTELY GENUINE Louis Vuitton POPINCOURT Handbag/Bag (item 320016503901 end time Aug-18-06 16:22:37 PDT)
  2. That bag is authentic... but as for authenticity questions, they all need to go to the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky.

    Upside down LV's on the Popincourt is normal. They are made from one continuous piece of canvas. ;)