Please help my decide

  1. Yesterday I receive my monogram soeedy30, which I was dreaming of for the last year. I got it as a gift from my DH.
    The problem is: when I got it it doesn’t feel right, I don’t know why? I can’t say I hate it. But I can’t say I’m in love with it to. Actually I didn’t try it before because my DH surprise me with it, although I tried my sis mini lin speedy and I love it “are they different in away or it’s just me?”
    I have to say I’m always like this, buying stuff then hesitate about it
    Now I’m thinking to take it back and get the neverfull Gm instead.
    I call lv store today and they don’t have it now but they’re expecting to receive it next week.
    i don't want to return it then next month i will start dreaming of it again "yep that sounds like me:rolleyes:".
    Please help my guys
  2. i'll say go to the boutique and try many bags :yes:. thinking u like it/ like it on computer vs actual may be different. eg i like mc petit noe on computer but somehow the mono petit noe looks better when i tried in boutique.
  3. Personnaly I wouldn't exchange it, I believe it will grow on you. The speedy monogram is such a great bag! It goes with any style : It works for young people, modern people, people who have a more classic or sophisticated style...
  4. I too think you should go back and try to find the bag that's best for you.

    What are your thoughts on the Beverly MM?
  5. Personally I would sooo regret exchanging the mono speedy with the neverfull GM. I love love love my mono speedy 25 (my first LV). Today I'm carrying her sister, azur 25, which I also love, but I miss her. Before I got the speedy I really didn't understand what the hype was all about. But now I want the mono in 30, 35, AND 40! I must say that I love the softness of the mono canvas compared to the stiffer damier, which is still very nice, don't get me wrong.

    Maybe you like sholder bags better. I agree that you should try out the bags in person.
  6. When I got my first mono speedy from the Boutique, it was wrinkled and the Patina was light. I didn't love it right away; not until the Patina started darkening a bit and the creases came out and I had been using it. It is one of my very favorite LV bags now and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have a mono in 25 and 30, and a Damier speedy (which unfortunately my daughter grabbed and is using all the time, LOL!).

    Anyway, I think the LV mono speedy is a beautiful, classic bag and much, much prettier than the Neverful. I agree with the idea of going in and looking at the bags and trying them on to find one that you love, but I bet that Speedy would grow on you and you might grow to love it.
  7. Also, remember about the price increase! If you return it and decide to get it again you might have to pay an extra 5%!
  8. i agree with you, i should visit them and try several bags.
  9. i love Beverly MM, Defiantly on my wish list, but i'm kind on budget now:rolleyes:.
  10. Definitely go try more bags and get something you will love each and every time you carry it! As crazy as this may sound, I can be having a bad day, then look over at my LV bag and smile every time! :yes: