PLEASE HELP!!! my chanel bag is hold by customs.

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
    I bought Authentic chanel bag from Japan,the tracking shows "Inbound Into Customs" already been 15 days,my post office told me that they have no idea..when I customs will release this package??

    Seller put $100 as a gift(used bag).

    Anyone can let me know
    1)why Customs held the bag for so long?

    2)what can I do customs will release this package?
    3)if I do nothing,just wait,when I can received this package??

  2. You have no choice but to wait.. you can try calling the customs office

    and see what info they are willing to give you..
  3. Unfortunately, hotshot is right. If customs has it, there's no way to get it until they release it. I think it's a good idea to call, though, in case they can give you some more information. I've never called customs, so sadly I can't provide any further insight. Good luck!
  4. Sometimes customs will hold the package and they could open it to see what is inside. If there is an invoice or price tag indicating the original retail price then they may charge your buyer duty fees.
  5. Sorry to hear that OP. I just can't believe why customs are holding your package for that long. I have had international orders in the past and it was held in the customs about 1-2 days. They opened and inspected it but that's only it. Just got the bill for duties and taxes after 2 months.
  6. Thank you all,is there any possible because the customs hold so long because they think it is fake???
  7. Oh brother........
  8. Pinky.. sorry... the AUSSIE customs battle was on. But it was WON, so do not give up hope!

    Did you manage to locate a phone # for the customs officials where your bag is being held?

    And what CARRIER has the package.. USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex??
  9. You had a Chanel bag valued at $100 on the customs form, and marked as a gift?:wtf:

    As in the other thread, it is quite possible that customs is holding the bag because they think it's fake at that price.
  10. Yes, this is VERY true. NEVER, EVER, EVER under-declare a bag!
  11. As others said, calling the custom office is a good idea. Does the tracking say which port the package has been held at?
  12. Oh noooooo......not again!!! Good luck OP!!!

  13. I second that! I don't ship outside of the US for a reason!
  14. Shipping outside is not a problem. It is the declaration on customs forms. A Chanel anything is a no brainer. Big metal CCs all over everything. Big braided metal chains. They stick out in X-ray like you wouldn't believe. I have watched mine roll across the screens at the airport. Just don't do it. You never know what the legal consequences are. I have enormous sympathy for the OP waiting for her bag on one level but not on another. There is too much risk to the OP and the seller by underdeclaring.