PLease help my Birkin

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a 35 potiron birkin with togo leather. A few days ago, during my trip to Vegas, I accidentally scratched my birkin . As a result of this, I have one tiny but lengthy line/scratch on my birkin. The length takes place from the back to the right side of my birkin. I had a brief talk to one SA in Las Vegas Hermes and they told me it will cost about $1400 to repair it and it will take about a month. It's pretty expensive for me and I can't imagine of not seeing and touching my birkin for A FULL MONTH !!! Any suggestions/advises?

    Thank you...​
  2. Take it in to the store and get advice from the craftsman. A month is relatively a short period to have to wait for a repair. They may have to send it to Paris and then it would take much longer.
  3. Im so sorry to hear about your Birkin.

    I think, If you take it to the Hermes Spa, they will ship it to Paris for repairs. It is a significant fee though $1,400. I think It's worth it. You've spent $$$ amount on a Birkin and once it's fixed, I'm confident, it will looks as good as NEW. It's like having a new bag!!

    About waiting for a month...That's nothing. A month goes by REALLY quickly and imagine...those other people who currently still waiting more than a month or year for thier respective Podium/SO order to arrive. This wait is a cakewalk!!

    You're already patient and your birkin will definitely look fabulous. I know it's hard to part with a Birkin...My mantra "delayed gratification" is the KEY.

    By the way...dont you have any other back up bags to carry along while Vuitton, Chanel, YSL, Balenciaga bag??
  4. Is it noticable? Ask your SA what a SPA treatment could do for it?
    Since money is a concern what about living with it for a while??
  5. I agree. :yes:
  6. Have you tried a good leather conditioner on it?

    If the scratch is not deep, sometimes they will just blend away with a decent conditioner and a bit of rubbing. Use Meltonian cream.

    If you are feeling adventurous, do a search for leather repair on the internet. While the gospel is always take the bag to Hermes for repairs ( and for good reasons), if that is not feasible or Hermes cannot do the repairs there are other options.
    I had to have a Prada bag fixed once that Prada did not have the expertise to handle. Bag came back better than new.
  7. Unless it's hideous, I would live with it. A bag is meant to be used and it will show use over time. JMO
  8. i wouldnt do anything right now b/c believe it or not most of their "repairs" and "spas" you can do yourself.

    i would live with it until it needs a routine cleaning etc. that scratch would be addressed at that time as part of the routine spruce up.

    this is what they will do for $1400 ..............rub cream into the crack to make sure any exposed raw leather is moist and water resistant. then they may take the appropriate color dye and gently coax it into your crack. then they may (if the crack/line is wide enough) put super glue in it to seal it and prevent spreading. and so on. I have had lengthy discussions with claude...he says emphatically most bags need nothing more than meltonian rubbed in over and over. I have also been privy to "repair" tricks that have been done in front of my eyes..............

    and most likely you may still see a faint line when all is said and done
  9. Do you feel comfortable posting a picture of the scratch? I totally understand if you do not, but there are some really smart folks on here who might be able to provide more advice. (Hermesaholic - very impressive, btw!)

  10. thanks--i also learned from experienced collectors....but you are right--seeing the scratch might provide some perspective
  11. A spa treatment is $1400 ????? !!!!! :cursing:

    I just bought two preowned H bags because I read on eBay somewhere that a spa treatment was $80. :push:
    Help! Where do I buy this melatonin [sp] oil? What cleans dirt off of bags from sitting on ground etc?
    Does H do a maintenance treatment that is less than the full spa cost?
  12. i have never heard of a repair of anysort being that much UNLESS thats a quote for replacing the panel....but i would doubt it. Its not melatonin (thats a sleep aid or something--) its MELTONIAN and you can get it at any shoe repair type place. I would use a soft cloth to wipe the bag off and then rub the cream in sparingly.

    and yes- a regular clean and polish minor stitches repaired is 75 or 80..........
  13. Hermesaholic - Thank you, that's a relief. I'll go for the meltonian and a maintenance repair. There are no deep scratches on them. :sweatdrop:

    Do they have to go to France for $80 cleaning?
  14. :yes:..........and to replace the panel, the bag would have to be sent to Paris because the color and leather have to be matched. And we all know how long that takes!
  15. No, it's done at the nearest store with a craftsman.