PLEASE HELP - my bag is filthy after only one use

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  1. I bought a brand-new yellow bag, but after one day of wear the back of it (the side against my body) is really, really dirty. Is there any way to clean it and protect it so that it doesn't get worse? Please help!
  2. (I think) has a cleaner that is made for B bags, and it was recommended to me here. I tried it on my HH Havana in chalk, and it didn't do squat. Honestly, there isn't much you can do with light bags with color transfer, except get them professionally cleaned (lovnmybags also does that), but obviously, you can't do it every time you wear the bag. Avoid denim, and I guess just get used to them getting a bit dirty. Sorry I'm not more helpful, maybe someone else has better advice!
  3. Eeeeeek! This is why I'm afraid of light colored bags, even though I love their colors.

  4. :yes:Me too...
  5. I have a gorgeous white leather bag that gets blue denim dye on the back. I bought this inexpensive treatment from Walmart ..."Kiwi Leather Lotion" (for all colors). It has worked beautifully on this bag. You could try it.

    After cleaning this bag every time I wore it though, I finally had the strap shortened so it didn't rub on my jeans.
  6. I just sold a bag that I completely loved and adored but the color transfer was more than I could take. Mine was a fabric bag and I had some fabric cleaner that I used on it and it took the denim transfer off the bag but I worried the fabric would ruin after cleaning it over and over again. After not carrying it for fear of the color transfer I decided to sell it. :sad:
  7. I am going to try this! We don't have Walmart around here but I'm gonna got o Kmart and see what they have. And then I am going to shorten the strap