Please Help - Muse Biscotti Vs. Muse Medium Brown

  1. Does anyone know the difference? Some sa are telling me they are the same, and some are saying that medium brown is between biscotti and chocolate. I am kind of new to YSL - as I have always been a Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs lover. Does anyone have any pictures of different color muses or know where I can go to find pictures?
  2. You can find a picture of the Biscotti here if you do a search. It is more in the orange family to me. I am not sure about medium brown.

    Welcome to tPF!
  3. Thank you, gloss_gal! This is really a great forum - everyone really seems to know their stuff!!
  4. Here is a pic of my muse in biscotti:
  5. I have the OS in biscotti. I think it is a great fall color. I wonder if they consider the med brown khaki.

    galpal, lesson #1 - a trusted SA is few and far between. The ones that are great you will hear about on the forum. Some of our members know so much more about the product than the SAs. Trust but verify!
  6. Thank you gr8heart for the picture - what a beautiful color!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Gloss_gal, thanks so much for the advice and the help - I am definitely checking into this forum all of the time now!!!
  7. My SA sent a pic that compares biscotti and medium brown. Does anyone know what the YSL name is for the medium brown? Which one would you get?
  8. I think this medium brown is called Oak. I'm looking for a large Oak and it looks like the one in your pic is an OS? Do you mind sharing here you found this color? Thanks!
  9. 3monkeys - thank you so much for the official name. I actually ended up purchasing the Oak one over the biscotti. It was on sale at the YSL store in Beverly Hills for 30% off. They said they had two O/S - so they might have one left!!! Ask for Kyla. Lots of luck!!!