please help Multicolor black Alma or Monogram Noe

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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to pick between MC Alma black or Noe monogram? I know they are two very differant styles but that's what I am down to. Which do you like better? I have a speedy 30 Mc black and lots of monogram bags that are large. Since the Alma is retired I feel like I should get it. I had the monogram and damier Alma at one time but I thought they looked to dressy on me. I am casual. Jeans and t's. I am wondering about the style of the mc alma to I don't want it to look to young on me. But it does look casual and edgy? Please help:smile:
  2. I love my MC alma so much! It definitely edges towards the young but I think you can wear it when you're older if you have the right style. Don't just get it if you're worried about missing it, but if you really do want it then I say go for it! I've never personally been a huge fan of the Noe myself, so the Alma would definitely be my choice.

    Good luck!
  3. I like the Black MC Alma better. It's very cheerful. I have a White MC Alma, and it's not too dressy.
  4. honestly, i look at the multicolore line as playful, young, colorful and happy and not anywhere near close to casual and mature. :P i think the mono noe would be more of a casual piece. though you do have a lot of mono pieces and adding a multicolore piece would make your collection more diverse..... whatever you choose do show us in the future! :]
  5. MC Alma
  6. i like the noe! its on my wishlist!
  7. Mc alma... stunning bag :smile:
  8. what about a MC noe???? they're gorge
  9. mc alma~
  10. Just becuase they both have vachetta bottoms. They both scare me
  11. MC my opinion, it's the best of the Almas!
  12. Wow - tough choice. Two classic bags but very different in style. I guess for me it would come down to whether or not I would be comfortable carrying the Alma because it is definitely a handbag. The black MC is gorgeous and I think if you are a casual dresser and that the MC would give your style a little pop. I get so many compliments on my MC bags. The noe is also a great bag (I probably have more of them than any other - except maybe speedys) but you can always pick one of those up. Go with the MC Alma.
  13. I love both and have had both. The Noeis nice because it is shoulder-carried, more versatility.

    I had the Speedy (black) and the Alma (white), and hoped the vachetta strap that LV offers would fit them so I could have the option of shoulder-carry, but the hardware on them is too large.

    Now that I think about it, darn, I could have had a good shoe-maker find larger hardware to put on the strap. Oh well, Hindsight 20/20 and all:shrugs:
  14. MC Alma
  15. MC alma!