Please help- messenger strap for speedy

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  1. Could anyone let me know if LV sell the strap for the speedy so that you could wear it messenger style? I have a speedy and would like to add on a messenger strap.

    Please help.
  2. I'm sure you can order a strap (that usually goes on the Speedy B) if you call Customer Service. You want to make sure that you get a thick enough strap. Also, you just want to be careful since the hardware wasn't made for use everyday (on a regular speedy). I would do some research, I know there was one thread about speedy straps. Looking at the cost is about $300+. Would it be worth maybe getting a Speedy B? Good Luck!
  3. You should ask for a REPLACEMENT STRAP ... this one is at least 30% less ... The strap for ICARE, KEEPALL and SPEEDY B would work - but they don´t like this style of usage as the bag wasn´t designed for crossbody ...

    The speedy B strap is a 3 part strap for crossbody or shorter for shoulder wear
    Keepall strap has bigger buckles and a sit on the shoulder stop part ... pls forgive my english, hope you understand
    ICARE is a fabric strap and therefore should be the cheapest ... but I don´t know.

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks for your help. I don't really need two speedy so I never thought of getting a speedy B.

  5. Can I ask for the replacement strap at any LV store? Thanks.
  6. Not at the online store - but every local store will be helping you ... usually the have to order it if it is not in store ... so maybe you could call your SA first and ask about it before taking a long ride to the store (?)

  7. You can purchase a shoulder strap at any LV Store, or if you prefer there is pre-loved for half the price. :P