Please help! Mean SA tried to accuse me of destroying her bag!

  1. Please pardon my rambling. I'm still shaking from anger as I type...

    This afternoon while I was having lunch with a friend, I received a phone call from the Costa Mesa store SA, who did an exchange for my dark violet city a few days ago. The first thing she said was that she has received my return and she believed that I purposely destroyed the leather on that bag so that I can return it to her store. She said that she put the nourishing cream on the bag prior sending it to me:shocked:, and there's no way that she would sell a bag to her customers at this condition, blah, blah...I was so appalled at her accusation and did not know how to react at first.

    It took me a minute to calm myself and try to explain to her that I saw the bag's leather problem right out of the box and I sent everything back to her the next day. She then continued saying that I might have bought a different bag from another store and sent the defective one to her because of the other DV pictures I emailed her for leather preference:confused1: Although I failed to see the connection there, I told her that those DV pictures were from the Purse Forum and even if I did buy from another store, I could have returned the defective bag to that store and there's no point for me to go through all these trouble to return my other store's purchase to her. Then she said there's no way that I could send Purse Forum's pictures to her and I shouldn't believe what people were saying at the Forum. At that point I was so exasperated so I told her that I have a perfect history with other Bal stores at Las Vegas, London, Cannes, etc and I have never made a single return/exchange at those stores. Well, then she said she has checked my record and it showed that I have never bought from Bal :faint:

    Finally she agreed to do another exchange for me but this time she will take pictures of the whole bag so that I cannot return any more defective bags to her. The whole conversation happened inside a restaurant, and by the time I got out of the phone, I was almost on tears because of the humiliation and anger I felt. My friend who was with me at the lunch could not believe his ears when he overheard what the SA was saying. He knew that I've been a long time Bal customer, and he said I should never take this kind of abuse from a SA. I really don't know what to do at this point? Is there a higher up manager that I can contact with if I have further problems from this store?

    Here are the pictures of the bag that the SA sent me. She accused me of rubbing the leather to make it look like this. Is it even possible? I have every right to return the bag to her if I'm not happy with my purchase. Why would I take the trouble of destroying the bag to make my return legitimate?



  2. That is downright insulting and pathetic IMHO. What is her name, if you dont mind me asking? That is the Bal store closest to me and I will make a point never to give her my business.
    That is one crazy dry bag!!
  3. Thank you Susan. I don't want to expose her publicly, but I'll PM you her name.
  4. Wow, crazy!! I'm really sorry you were treated unbelievably bad. If I were you, I would talk to a store manager about it. I would only finish this with the manager. She sounds like a newbie SA. Totally unprofessional.:noggin: I don't see what's wrong with the bag. As Susan Lee said, it seem just dry leather!
  5. Trust me, she is definitely not a newbie, and it would not help if I talk to the store manager.
  6. I'm sorry that happened to you. you should go talk to the store manager.. i would also like to know her name please because there is a girl that is very rude in that store but i forgot her name... I've bought 2 bags within the past 3 months in that store and both times, steve helped me.. he's really nice...
  7. Sorry this had to happen to you. She's so rude. Please approach the store manager. Ps: did you say the photos were from her? They look like they were taken in a house as opposed to a store?
  8. Hi, lovpandas8, I'll PM you her name. I've bought from other Bal boutiques around the world, and I never had any problems with the SA. In fact, I find most of their SA very friendly and accommodating. If I do shop at the Costa Mesa store again (which I highly doubt it), I'll make sure that I buy from Steve.
  9. omg! please also be careful .. i would NOT trust her to send you a new DV and then what if you have another problem?? she did you one favor by doing her JOB and then beyond that you are screwed out of $2k ?????

    that is BANANAS. you need to protect yourself in this transaction and call steve now or someone else who can help you comeplete the transaction. i would NOT continue dealing with her.
  10. please document the incident with another employee or manager immediately to protect yourself.
  11. I took those pictures and sent them to the SA to show her why I needed to return the bag. Now she received my return and said that it was not the same bag that she sent :shocked:
  12. Thank you Sweetk. It's a good idea but I don't think any one at the store would go against her. My friend said that I should videotape everything when I receive the new replacement bag, and that's what I will do.
  13. Lily10~ OMG I can't beileve this happened to you!! I actually used to shop all the time in Costa Mesa store but there is one SA that is so terrible I actually now use an outta state (Las Vegas) SA that is so sweet!
    My friend also had the same terrible SA not let her return something when she totally should have!
    This particular SA has been so rude that we don't ever wanna shop there again! I bet it's the same lady! There is a guy that works there that is rad and told us to send an email to her boss just to let her know what's going on!
    Anyway, when I read your post I had to share my experience because you did nothing wrong! It's just that the SA hates her life! Lol!!
  14. Wow, that's worse. If she is not a newbie, what is her attitude? I'm wondering if she is the manager? That's why you said it wouldn't help?

    Anyway, from now on, I would recommend you to contact them in writing. I would send a complaint email to Bal US headquaters. It's actually Bal US website customer service email address. But I think it will work. I used this address for not website related thing and recieved a response.

    If I were you, I would also send her an email about this issue. Instead of exchanging it, I would demand the refund. I hope you used a credit card. If you used your credit card, you can call your credit card company and ask for their help. Actually it's a great timing. They have the bag. You can charge back easily. Also it's weekend, they can't send you an another bag now. Please don't make this SA bully you!!!
  15. I love the Vegas store! The SA was super nice to me even though I was only wearing t-shirt and jeans at the store. I bought a bag from him the next week :smile: