please help me

  1. I know this question has been asked a million times and i am sorry but i am so confused which mono speedy to get 25 or 30 .There is no LV stores near me so I can't see the difference of them in person .My problem is I'm only 5'3 and on the heavy side so in one way i think i should get the 30.I just bought the PTI wallet which was my first LV purchase but I don't carry much else in my purses so that is why i am so confused which one to get .I did look at the visuals but everyone is so tiny and has lots of stuff in there purse so i can't tell if the 30 would look stupid with not much in it.Thanks
  2. Hmm.. i dont know if i can be much help, but, with the speedy 25, I found that its very comfortable size bag if you dont wanna carry too much or you dont want a heavy bag. However, the speedy 30 looks great too even without much in it. IMO i think it looks better when its not really full - wallet, phone, make-up would be enough. Good luck! hope that helps
  3. I personally feel for the girls who are really small and skinny the 25 looks better. once I purchased the 30 I was shocked at how small that one was! In fact I went to the boutique yesterday and was amazed at how small a lot of the bags really are in person! I almost wanted a 35 but didn't want something that would be very heavy (I tend to use up all available space lol)
  4. Welll maybe I can help....I'm not a twig (5'5 and a size 8) and I have a 30. AND I hardly carry anything in most a cell phone, cigs, compact zip wallet, lighter, feminine stuff, and that's about it. It doesn't sag too much!
    I also have the cerises 25 and I find it a bit of a PITA to get my wallet in and out because the opening is smaller.
    I would probably order the'll be happy with it I'm sure! And if you think it is too big then you can always exchange it!
  5. get the 30. its a better deal, it holds more, and it would look good on you. the 25 can sometimes be really small.
  6. speedy size was a difficult decision for me too. I decided on the 35 as i normally carry loads of bits with me (gloves, scarf, wallet, cq, phone tc etc) plus i use it for university so i can get my cameras and books in there.

    Im 5'3'' and a UK14 not sure what that trasnlates to in Euro or US. I find it can be a little big somtimes but now i've got her im so in love! I use her as a weekend bag too. Couldnt use her everyday though, a little bulky.

    If i were you i'd go with the 30, as there is the risk the 25 could be too small! its like buying a house, get one that your comfortable in and fits all your furniture :smile:

    Hope that helps :smile:
  7. How much stuff do you carry? That's what I would use for a guide :smile:
  8. I'm 5'2" size 6 always love the perfectly cute bags. My first speedy was a 25 because it was adorable. Plus I'm also a neat nik person I don't mind the small opening. I actually like all my bags in different styles in small or big depending on what suits my needs everyday.
  9. I would get a 30. The opening on the 25 seems to be a sticking point. Even though the 25 will fit a lot of things, the zipper opening is what most people complain about when they don't like the 25.
  10. It is such a personal choice. I can just tell you that I thought I wanted the 25 until I went into the store. It is roomy enough, but I also have the PTI and I thought the opening is too narrow on the 25 to easily get it in and out. I bought the 30 and couldnt be happier, it did take me a couple of weeks to get used to a larger bag, but I would never go smaller for me.
  11. I'm around 5'4 and kind of an athletic build. I also don't keep that much stuff in my bags besides my wallet, small make-up bag, cell and maybe a bottle of water. All of that fits in my Epi Speedy 25 with plenty of room to spare. Some people say the Epi Speedys are slightly larger than the mono Speedys, but still, I think you should have plenty of room with a 25. Like you said, you don't normally put much in your bag besides your wallet.