Please Help Me

  1. I bought a Chanel Bag and paid by paypal. The seller listed the bag as New with tag , but when I received it, it got a lots of crash inside the bag and some dirt outside. I open dispute case in paypal. Here is what paypal have me to do:

    "In order to continue with the investigation of your complaint, we must
    request documentation to support your claim that the item is damaged or
    significantly not as described. Please obtain a document (such as an
    estimate or invoice) from an unbiased third-party, such as a dealer, repair
    shop, appraiser, or another individual or organization that is qualified in
    the area of the item in question (other than yourself). This document
    should detail the extent of the damage or clearly explain how the item
    received significantly differs from the item advertised. Please do not
    proceed with any repairs or alterations to the item, as doing so will limit
    PayPal’s ability to successfully resolve your claim, and may result in the
    cancellation of your dispute. If possible, the document should include a
    serial number and description of the item, and the dollar amount required
    to complete the repairs necessary to correct the damage. This document must
    be on letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the
    individual, business, or organization so that PayPal may contact them if

    However, I don't know where to find an unbiasedthird-party. I live in Virginia. Please help me, thank you so much, I'm so worry now. The bag price $4,000.
  2. unfortunately I had this happen once before with a bag that was grossly misrepresented and I took it to a leather repair shop to vouch the leather was worn more then stated (the repair shop employee thought I was nuts) Gave me a letter on their paper with a stamp and paypal still declined my case.. Best of luck to you on this one.
  3. There is a Chanel authenticator on the forum you will just have to do a search

    as I can't remember the name at the moment..

    They can look at the bag & advise you accordingly..

    There might be a fee involved..

    Just found 2 of them... my poupette & etinceler authenticators

    & do think that paypal accepts their letterheads
  4. I think for snad... eBay is better.
  5. not sure where you live in VA but there is a chanel store in richmond at stony point fashion park and also one up near DC at tysons corner maybe you could get it authenticated there???
  6. Chanel stores don't authenticate....and they don't write letters saying their

    merchandise is authentic...
  7. She doesn't need it authenticated - she needs to take it to Chanel for an estimate for rehab. If Chanel gives her a cost estimate for rehab, that shows it is not NWT, and the buyer should win the SNAD.

  8. When you bring a bag in to Chanel for a repair at least in my experience

    they send it to their repair center which could then take several

    weeks to give a written/phone estimate of the repair before they proceed

    Don't know if the OP has that kind of time ...

    If she can deal with an authenticator who can confirm the condition of the

    bag, that might be to the OP's advantage...
  9. +1. It might help to have it authenticated; caroldiva is another authenticator service. I have heard mixed reviews of mypoupette so OP make sure to check them out if and when you decide to use such a service.
  10. Yes, agree Caroldiva as well...
  11. I dropped one of my CHANEL bags at short Hills store and they gave me an estimate for clea ning at that time and how long it would take, approximately. Maybe OP can do same?

  12. The OP's bag needs repair not just the estimate in store

    for this & the time might be different than just for a cleaning estimate..

    Didn't think the Chanel stores give any estimates for repairs...
  13. Oops I was only half paying attention hotshot, you are right, for repair they send it out bad!
  14. for luxury things, it is better to buy it in the solid shop of the brand.