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Please help me!


Jan 6, 2006
I think the starting bid is to high that's why people probably don't bit. May be to try to sell it internationally would help e.g. Germany because we don't have mypoupette so you have to buy from a normal seller.


Jan 11, 2006
Tanja said:
I think that you said that you got it of ebay doesn't help to sell. A lot of people might doubts the authenticity. I would leave it out and answer the question if somebody asks for it.

I agree- I think if potential buyers that read that you bought it from a reputable seller on ebay- that may turn them off- as there are sellers with great feedbacks that sell fakes.


since '05
Sep 28, 2005
When I sold my bucket, I mentioned the seller ID of the MPRS I purchased it from, so people could check it out for themselves.

Also you need to reshoot your pictures in natural full daylight. You are getting too close to your subject in your close-up pics, looks like your camera can't focus that close. People do not like out-of-focus photos. The pictures are the number one selling point. Can your camera do larger hi-res photos that you can then upload to a free hosting site like Flickr? Flickr.com will resize your pics and then you can put large detailed photos into your auction for free.

Don't go into detail about why you are selling the bag, keep it short and sweet.
Feb 13, 2006
Just a few other suggestions...

In your bullet points, the typeface varies between regular and italics. I would just make them all regular. The variation makes it look like you copied and pasted from another listing.

Also, do a spell check. There are some spelling errors (truely, dissapointed, "think and sturdy") and some buyers might be turned off by that.

Good luck! :biggrin:


Feb 9, 2006
  1. Sharpen your close-ups shots (blurry closeups look shady).
  2. Make your font uniform through-out the entire ad.
  3. Title: Put the full word "monogram" in your title. Some people use this as a search word. Also, maybe take out the word "excellent" and use "canvas".
  4. Use black font instead of red. It's easier to read.
Good Luck!! :biggrin: